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Don't touch the dishes

A glass fronted box placed hermetically over the sink, with holes in the front in which are set a pair of heavy rubber gloves.

Wash dishes without fear of contamination!
-- zen_tom, Jan 19 2007

A bit like this, but for washing up. http://www.cdc.gov/...ges/2001-133a-1.jpg
[zen_tom, Jan 19 2007]

Replacement for Dishwashers Replacement for Dishwashers
Inspirational Materials. [zen_tom, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom], putting the bins out http://www.emergenc...hazchem-cleanup.jpg
[hippo, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom] (post-op, obviously) preparing food in his kitchen http://www.apmg.co....oard_inside_237.jpg
Actually, a fume cupboard would be great for chopping onions [hippo, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom], reading a book http://www.conbelib...ni/spolveratura.jpg
[hippo, Jan 19 2007]

"Do you want ice in your G&T?", said [zen tom] http://www.chem.uns...rgrad/images/fc.jpg
[hippo, Jan 19 2007]

[zen_tom]'s wardrobe. http://lmn.web.psi.ch/clroom/entra2.jpg
What to wear, what to wear... [theleopard, Jan 19 2007]

Christmas '02 with [zen_tom]'s family. http://www.imel.dem...lean_room_staff.jpg
(I like this game) [theleopard, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom] posting ideas on the HalfBakery http://www.cleanroo...ges/laminar4alg.jpg
[hippo, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom] emptying the kitchen bin http://www.silcom.c...econ/hmacademy4.jpg
[hippo, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom]'s favourite online t-shirt shop http://hazmatwarning.com/
[hippo, Jan 19 2007]

[zen tom]'s friend inspects the new cuttlery sink http://www.cdc.gov/...ges/2001-133a-1.jpg
[xenzag, Jan 19 2007]

Opening a tin of beans without fear of contamination! http://www.chemcase.../images/image27.jpg
A grainy photograph taken by a secret spy camera [xenzag, Jan 19 2007]

How does one insert their radioactive pasta bake dish? Dare I say it, sounds like a recipe for lasagne.

-- theleopard, Jan 19 2007

There's a sliding tray to one side, similar to one of those ones they use to deliver messages to Hannibal Lecter, without being eaten.
-- zen_tom, Jan 19 2007

Or at the petrol station to deliver crisps and rizlas to punters after dark. Without being... eaten?
-- theleopard, Jan 19 2007


One of those ones.

And how did [hippo] get hold of the family album?
-- zen_tom, Jan 19 2007

Good for home births too.
-- skinflaps, Jan 19 2007

Last time I washed dishes I got severely contaminated, so I am placing an order for one of these now. Is there a conveyer belt attachment so clothes that need washed can be continuously fed through as well? A natural +
-- xenzag, Jan 19 2007

The last time I washed dishes I sliced my hand open with a cracked pint glass. 18 stitches friends. 18. With 4 of them internal. I didn't even know they did internal stitches! And it's such a lame story for such a nasty looking scar.
-- theleopard, Jan 19 2007

Just don't tell the whole story:

Wide Eyed Pub Bimbo: "How did you get that scar on your hand?"

Lounge Leopard: "Broken pint glass, baby. Messy situation. Don't want to talk about it now. Maybe over breakfast."
-- Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 19 2007

tell them it was a slippery situation.....you were separating "Mick the bread-knife", from "Mackers the pan Scraper" when you got glassed.
-- xenzag, Jan 19 2007

I've come up with a few;

I was at the aquarium defending an old lady's honour from a pack of jeering seals when a baby shark jumped out of its tank and bit me on the hand.
I punched a guy whose face was made of swords.
To show my everlasting love for my ex-girlfriend I started carving the name 'Cathy' into the back of my hand only to notice upon completion of the 'C' that I had done it backwards, looking in the mirror as I was doing it, and gave up from there. As a further aside - I later discovered that she spelt it 'Kathy' anyway.
-- theleopard, Jan 19 2007

This would be especially fun for the kids. If you think you have trouble getting them to wash the dishes now, they will be fighting each other for dibs on whoever can get to the sink first! Can you imagine the scenario: "...MOM!!! Joey washed ALL of the dishes and he wouldn't let me help!"
-- Jscotty, Jan 19 2007

"Oh, the hand? Cut it washing the dishes, baby. At least, that's what I told my insurer."

Maybe I can find a picture of a bassenette to link up.
-- reensure, Jan 20 2007

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