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Homogenise conversation volume

I am sitting in a library, which has three different "volume" areas: silent, whisper, and talk. Unfortunately, not everyone respects the signs. A single conversation can make the silent section quite difficult to work in, arguably more difficult than the talk section, where a constant hum phases the single voices out.

Since the role of the stuck-up nerd shushing people is so ungrateful, it is best outsourced to a machine, which feels no shame. Isoshush is a volume-activated shush box. It detects when conversation-like noises above a chosen dB-level persist, and sternly shushes, until the volume-infringers cease and desist.

The deluxe version features an LCD screen, sporting a librarian's disapproving frown when in shush mode.
-- placid_turmoil, Mar 13 2010

That is the concept of the impending Isohum.
-- placid_turmoil, Mar 13 2010

[bigsleep] That deserves to be posted as a separate idea. You gonna?
-- mouseposture, Mar 13 2010

I agree, nice idea bigsleep.
-- placid_turmoil, Mar 14 2010

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