Halfbakery: Meeting
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...and if it did...

... then a half-con in Western Australia should definitely take in this venue: The Bakery Artrage Complex (featuring the Breadbox Gallery, and a bar).

I think there are, maybe, two other 'bakers within 1000 miles of Perth, but I don't know if they'd be interested.
-- pertinax, Nov 03 2007

http://www.artrage.com.au/bakery/ [pertinax, Nov 03 2007]

This particular bakery is no more. http://www.nowbaking.com.au/
Venue in Perth, Australia [AusCan531, Feb 01 2017]

I was going to suggest we make this happen - but it seems that particular Bakery seems to have closed its doors in 2015 [link] That's a shame as Liveguide gave it a 0/10 rating which makes it my kind of place. An alternative [pertinax]?
-- AusCan531, Feb 01 2017

That would be awesome. I have always wanted to meet my Australian counterparts. Try another bakery, perhaps?
-- blissmiss, Feb 01 2017

Now I know you're interested, I'll definitely try to think of another venue. Meanwhile, I'll work on my lightning repartee.
-- pertinax, May 02 2017

Right. Yes. Venues. Perth has the only bell tower in the world engineered to make the bells inaudible from outside. That's pretty half-baked, but it doesn't sell beer. But somewhere on the river-front nearby might be nice.
-- pertinax, Mar 05 2018

Tumbleweeds ...

Maybe I should make the title less downbeat.
-- pertinax, Mar 06 2018

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