Product: Weapon: Ice and Snow
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Like flypaper, baby

It's been said that the perfect murder would involve an icicle. Bullshit. The perfect murder would involve "JeebJangle's IceWeaponry," a revolutionary new blackmarket darling which consists of various styles of hard frozen ice weapons (Namely shivs, daggers, pigstickers, etc.) which would melt shortly following the crime, leaving no trace but the residual h20.
-- monk, Aug 28 2007

-- pertinax, Aug 28 2007

Make'm from dry ice and leave no trace at all.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 28 2007

Make 'em from solid nitrogen, they wouldn't even need to be sharp.
-- marklar, Aug 28 2007

Frozen weapons are old news. It's a cold bone from me I'm afraid (-)
-- xenzag, Aug 28 2007

Old news, yes, until you realize that by category this is actually an idea for a fashionable strap. Now _that's_ half-baked!
-- globaltourniquet, Aug 28 2007

Heh! Nice one [global].
-- theleopard, Aug 28 2007

wipe the coals out my eye {*ring*} See who's this pagin me - and why It's my nigga Pop from the barbershop Told me he was in the gamblin spot, and heard the intricate plot of niggaz wanna stick me like flypaper neighbor Slow down love, please chill, drop the caper -Biggie Smalls

//Frozen weapons are old news.// Ok, if you can prove it.

fries, dry ice was plan b, I promise.

Temperature controlled blowpipe is a nice idea, but it defeats the purpose of my idea.

As to why this is in the "Fashion Strap" category? I'll leave one little piece of mystery for my analytical bakers out there.

And someone, please give me some evidence as to frozen weapons being old news. I'm not saying they're not, I'm just asking for some evidence.
-- monk, Aug 28 2007

only kids (and me) like ice lollies (orange flavoured) where's UB when you need someone to be what's the word? outspoken?
-- po, Aug 28 2007

// Dammit, jutta, just because it doesn't *seem* to be in the
// right category doesn't mean I didn't put it there for a reason.

I feel your pain, but I've made an executive decision early on to not respect humor and puns in the categorizations. Moderators need to be able to break up categories and move stuff around, and I want people to find posts that are semantically close to what they're looking at - even if that robs you of one creative outlet.
-- jutta, Aug 28 2007

You the boss.
-- monk, Aug 29 2007

Yes, I will.
-- monk, Aug 29 2007

Not for long.
-- monk, Aug 29 2007

As for frozen weapons being old news, do a google for murder mysteries.

The woman who killed her husband with a frozen leg of lamb, then cooked dinner for the investigating detectives comes to mind.

Larry Niven had a laser shot through an ice mirror.
-- normzone, Aug 29 2007

Must've been a muscular woman. Still, it's no quiescently frozen pigsticker.
-- monk, Aug 29 2007

ninjas come to mind, they would employ anthing withing the immediate enviroment, ice cicles being a common winter choice. I was there, i saw it. it was
-- chickenninja, Aug 29 2007

Wise counsel.

Who are you talking to?
-- Texticle, Aug 30 2007

Texticle, I really appreciate that you think so. I'll leave this to the jurisdiction of the reader, so they may choose to accept or disregard my advice at their own whim.
-- monk, Aug 30 2007

I think you should *test icicles*.
-- xandram, Aug 30 2007

Look up "Icicle murder, urban myth".
-- xenzag, Aug 30 2007

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