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Cram them anywhere!

Instead of constrictive and unimaginative plastic shells, all home appliances should be encased in jelly.
Imagine the fun you could have squishing your TV into various fun shapes, or squashing your stereo speakers into the tightest corner of the room.

It would also add that bit of excitement to everyday home life. Cooking would be a baffling ordeal and the more mischievous of us could squeeze things into confusing shapes, causing many worried murmurs.

Simply take all the parts of your appliance, and arrange them somewhat hap-hazardly in a bowl of jelly. Leave this in the fridge overnight and, come morning, you have a lovely wobbly device that works perfectly.
After setting, the jelly can be molded into different shapes, or added on to or even made multi-coloured.
-- NickTheGreat, Oct 28 2002

PC Case of urethane foam http://www.g-news.ch/articles/nhp200nc/
Here's what a PC might look like [krelnik, Oct 21 2004]

some appliances are already made of jelly heh heh
-- Gulherme, Oct 28 2002

Are we talking about the innards of an appliance covered with a jelly (jell-O) hardened in a mold in the jellied fridge or some sort of moldable slime?
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 28 2002

Not sure how well jelly appliances would work in the kitchen (although I would love to see a jellied blender in action), but the notion of smearing the TV across the wall to get a giant screen appeals. Croissant.
-- friendlyfire, Oct 28 2002

Hey, now there's a case mod idea I haven't found yet.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2002

Rayford, check the link I just added.
-- krelnik, Oct 29 2002

This reminds me of that inflatable furniture fad. Bleh.
-- madradish, Oct 29 2002

make mine lime - thank you.
-- po, Oct 29 2002

BUBBLE FURNITURE yay! Think of all the saved knees and stub free toes! When my dog was a puppy I spent a fair amount of time running after him if someone came in the door... needless to say I was victim to a broken toe from slamming into furniture. If only we had bubble furniture legs. Also... no scrapes on the hardwood floor from moving furniture!
-- bubblegrrl79, May 16 2003

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