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Jeopardy/ Tv Character Version   (0)  [vote for, against]
Contestants appear as their character.

Actors from different shows appear as their characters and answer questions in character.EG,Trailer Park Boys,Seinfeld etc.I think Bubbles is really the brains of the operation. I realize Jeopardy is probably only shown in Canada and the US.
-- python, Jul 17 2004

The Young Ones appeared on University Challenge once.

They do this kind of thing here in the UK on Children in Need (a kind of telethon thing) every once in a while. It's really not very entertaining.
-- lostdog, Jul 17 2004

I'm voting for this, just because bubbles is cool, and he's not on T.V. enough
-- swimr, Jul 17 2004

Cliff Claven.

Who's Bubbles?
-- half, Jul 17 2004

Who's Cliff Claven? And Bubbles? And Trailer Park Boys? (I know what Jeopardy is.)
Incidentally, fishy; there are enough stupid game shows on TV as it is.
-- angel, Jul 18 2004

Cliff Claven was a rather obnoxious, know-it-all character on the US television series "Cheers". This character lost on Jeopardy in a spectacularly idiotic fashion. He bet everything in the final round when he needed to wager nothing to win. He, of course, got the Final question wrong. Which begs the questions, if they have to play in character, who will write the answers for them and could it even be an actual game or would it have to be scripted?
-- half, Jul 18 2004

Bubbles is one of the three main characters on Trailer Park Boys.( shown on Showtime here in Canada.)
-- python, Jul 18 2004

Well since they know their character, i think the actor would just have to try and think like the character and answer how they think the character would answer. Did that even make sense? lol
-- PinkDrink, Jul 18 2004

Sort of baked on Saturday Night Live, but the actors play other celebrities, not characters from actual shows. If it was scripted, it might be hilarious. Oh and Cliff Claven got that question right--thinkin' outside the box.

Still looking for a PinkDrink anno that doesn't end in lol. lol
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 19 2004

I found three in the bubble-gum toupe idea. But then the original post by PD ended in lol so maybe that doesn't count.
-- GenYus, Jul 19 2004

it makes sense, pinkdrink, but if they are trying to answer in character, what if they are sure that the character would know somthing that they as the actor don't, or vise-verse? The actors could just answer honestly, butthen then that's been done on shows like "password".

Actualy, I think this would be fun as a scripted special.

Put Fraser Crane against Ross Gelher (friends) and Karen Walker (will and grace). That could be funny.
-- -wess, Jul 19 2004

All three of those shows suck.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 21 2004

[yabba] well some one must like them, they've been on long enough. fraser and friends are done now, though.

what three charaters would you pick, Yabba?
-- -wess, Jul 22 2004

Provided it's scripted: Kramer (seinfeld), Woody (Cheers), Homer Simpson.

Otherwise, Kramer, Woody, and MacGyver.

I've also always wanted to see how well Alex Trebeck would do.
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Jul 22 2004

Nice choices

Alex should play the game, if he could go against other game show hosts like Bob Eubanks and that woman from "the weakest link". (i forgot her name).
-- -wess, Jul 23 2004

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