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A cookie that has all gone to pieces

A giant soft frosted cookie the size of a cake that later gets stamped with a jigsaw pattern. Put it together to find your birthday or party message. Leave out pieces for other more endearing messages.
-- sartep, Jul 04 2005

Giant cookies are great http://www.milliesc...s/celebcookies.html
(A frame from the Millies Cookies website: [Jinbish, Jul 04 2005]

you got me a frikken cookie? this is the worst birthday party ever.
-- benfrost, Jul 04 2005

I bought a birthday cookie for my flatmate a couple of years back because I knew he didn't like cake very much...
When our friends gathered for the start of a night out in his honour, one of the girls produced a lovely looking cake. He was really pleased... and my cookie was relegated to freakish sideshow as everyone proceeded to have a piece of cake but look over the giant cookie.

Story has a happy ending though because I sloped off to hide in the kitchen and then ate the entire cookie while mumbling with my mouth full of dough: "f'kin b'stids". It cheered me up no end.
-- Jinbish, Jul 04 2005

so he ate the cake just to please the girls? how shallow.
-- po, Jul 04 2005

Despite googling for it, it doesn't appear that anyone actually makes interlocking jigsaw cookie cutters!

What I though would exist was something like a rolling pin with a pattern of interlocking pieces on it, such that you can roll it across a sheet of dough, cutting it into interlocking biscuit pieces ready to bake.
-- prufrax, Jul 05 2005

Of course the missing pieces problem will be much more common here...
-- James Newton, Jul 27 2006

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