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Covers acts of God on Friday the 13th

This insurance policy protects the holder from particularly severe damages sustained on official Bad Luck Days, as registered in Catholic mystic literature, Mayan calendars, and other recognized sources of foretold appointments with fate. The superstitious can buy some peace of mind, and all is well. (Full disclosure: the author owns a modest stake in Nostradamus Reinsurance.)
-- placid_turmoil, Jan 23 2016

I'll take the premium package, with the platinum liability coverage. Double indemnity, of course, with dividends on maturity please.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 25 2016

Does it come with a punch-buggy rider?
-- Canuck, Jan 25 2016

What about if it was Good Friday the 13th? +
-- xandram, Jan 25 2016

[xandram] we aren't superstitious, but we aren't crazy either.
-- placid_turmoil, Jan 31 2016

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