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Children's game based on car derby idea

Two knights race toward each other on their horses (a plactic double track makes this possible). Who will have their arm, head, torso knocked off? In the cocked position a music feature play the lyrics, "We will, We will, Rock You! (this was in a movie recently).

Figures will be slighly larger than Ken and Barbie.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 01 2002

... with Bananas
This just seems more fun, somehow [PeterSilly, Oct 21 2004]

Jousting Rohan Vs. Ice Lord http://www.epinions...isplay_~full_specs/
No horses on this one, though. [DrCurry, Oct 21 2004]

I'm sure I've seen something like this before. Two knights charge at each other on something like a Scalectrix track and the winner is the one who has most bits left at the end. Or maybe it was just that recurring nightmare I used to have...
-- PeterSilly, Nov 01 2002

I am continuously amazed at the number of uses for bananas...
-- barnzenen, Nov 01 2002

What're you doing with that banana [blissmiss]?!?!
-- phoenix, Nov 01 2002

I think [jackoutofthebox] hoiked it.
-- bristolz, Nov 01 2002

Race for the White House idea: It looked as though there were other games that fit my idea too closely - jeeesh. Some were cheesy, some were too expensive, sooo... there's a niche to be filled by someone.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 01 2002

I'd put my money on Joust!
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 01 2002

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