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It's novelty red

This mobile phone is in the shape of the once familiar London telephone box.

It is complete with a opening red door and a small numerical rotary dial for you to turn and dial the number.

Place the small wire connected handset into your ear, talk or shout into the box once through to your dialled destination.

Not much use for texting and may come with various scents.Maybe good as a novelty gift.
-- skinflaps, Dec 09 2004

Heh! Allow me to demonstrate my completely unfair and unreasoning hatred of mobile phones by being the first to fishbone this idea.
-- DrBob, Dec 09 2004

I despise mobile phones but it is overcome by my desire to have a mini-tardis.
-- contracts, Dec 09 2004

ha, ha, ha! that feels better
-- skinflaps, Dec 09 2004

various scents? hmm, telephoning wasn't the number one use of these boxes, bun anyway.
-- rambling_sid, Dec 09 2004

I'd like a tardis (blue) more room inside for messages etc than you would have thought possible.
-- po, Dec 09 2004

You *could* have a tardis.Just have a blue wooden casing instead of metallic red.
-- skinflaps, Dec 09 2004

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