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K Sra tested, K Sra approved

In honor of her birthday on the 16th this song to the tune of her name sake, Que Sera Sera.

When she started out halfbaking
She queried Jutta 'bout what to post
"Should I be funny?
Can I be stern?
What should I do the most?"

"Check the help file."
Was Jutta's reply to her.
"It's out of my hands you see."
"I'm sure you'll do fine, at the halfbak'ry."

So the first thing she posted was
That shock sleepers
If you sleep to late,
You'll get a spark
Or a more thermal fate

"K sra," they said,
"We welcome you to the site."
"Your idea is quite alright,
Shocks give me a fright,
Why not wake with light?"

Then a month later she posted
Quarter Past Lemon and it was praised.
Everyone liked it,
'Cept Autobone,
Everyone's eyes were raised.

"K sra! Hoorah!
This watch will be all the rage
With the spectrum of rose to sage
You will make our time
Easier to gauge."

Now she posts something everyday
Having to do with
Something she's learned,
Like if you're walking
On heated coals,
You won't get your footsies burned.

K sra, sra.
The Halfbakery would be
A different landscape without thee.
You are creative
And you are friendly.
-- sartep, Aug 17 2003

I don't know how to carry a space on the halfbakery and write it in the poetic form it deserves.
-- sartep, Aug 17 2003

Are you
after the
ability to
break lines
at will?

Use < br > (only without the spaces).
-- st3f, Aug 17 2003

Wow, thanks!
I shall use it wisely.
-- sartep, Aug 17 2003

Got some leftover cake riiiiight here... +
-- thumbwax, Aug 17 2003


Aw, shucks!
-- k_sra, Aug 17 2003

-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 17 2003

Happy birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and stew
Bread and butter in the gutter
And a big pile of ...

...oops! Sorry! Thought you were someone else.
-- DrBob, Aug 18 2003

I knew this would be posted sooner or later.

+ anyway.
-- galukalock, Aug 18 2003

Of course I'm gonna bun this one again. : ) Thanks, [sartep]. It feels like my birthday all over again.
-- k_sra, Nov 05 2004

No problem K_sra. :D
-- sartep, Nov 07 2004

Que Sera Sera. I know that song! Sort of..

I always seem to remember it when I see k_sra's name though.
-- DesertFox, Sep 07 2005

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