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adult Valentine candy

So, just what it says. Gummy candies shaped in Kama Sutra positions. edit to read - human shapes.

Maybe some can actually be separate, so you can put them together in any positions you'd like.
-- xandram, Feb 10 2010

Rule 34
[FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2010]

found in mint form... http://chocolatefan...ama-Sutra-Mints.jpg
[xandram, Feb 10 2010]

pass the pigs game http://farm1.static...9127_1b574cfdf4.jpg
[po, Feb 11 2010]

(?) Gummy Love http://weaknights.t...643_gummy_worms.jpg
Hermaphroditic multi-position gummy sex orgy [rcarty, Feb 11 2010]

The danger of sexualized gummies. http://upload.wikim.../d9/HomerBadman.png
[rcarty, Feb 11 2010]

Pornographic breakfast cereal Pornographic_20breakfast_20cereal
[hippo, Feb 11 2010]

Ima [+] it but you just know... yup <link>
-- FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2010

ok, but those are bears in positoins, not people. I haven't searched well because I'm at work...I'll check again to make sure it's not baked.

-- xandram, Feb 10 2010

why not? oh I see...

reminds me of that piglet game.
-- po, Feb 10 2010

so I don't get the Brit stuff... if you care to explain.
-- xandram, Feb 10 2010

I like babies but I couldn't eat a whole one.
-- po, Feb 10 2010

oh I get it now... bad on that! babies shouldn't be doing those things, that's how to make babies!! I didn't get the piglet game...
-- xandram, Feb 10 2010

I think I just read that San Francisco has some sort of link to the Jelly Belly Icon.
-- blissmiss, Feb 10 2010

That's spooky, [bliss]. Your last annotation is an anagram of "Know that the end is unusually near for bears that link in joke forms, really."
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2010

pretty piss poor anagram
-- rcarty, Feb 11 2010

I read this as Kama Sutra Grannies.

Then when I clued in that it said just made it worse.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 11 2010

-- blissmiss, Feb 11 2010

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