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Sing songs, get fit, learn self defense

Merge ancient Japanese art with more recent Japanese art and voila! Karate and karaoke becomes karaote. The expert karaote exponent would perform a number of popular late night bar tunes (my way, I just called to say, everything I do, living on a prayer etc) whilst dressed in a gi and going through a kata. Extra marks for breaking tiles and singing martial arts-themed songs (everybody kung fu fighting etc) at same time.
-- stickyman, Mar 12 2001

I like it.

Expert proponents would be able to scare off an attacker simply by grabbing a microphone, back flipping onto a box, step, or some other form of stage and having the intro to Elton John's "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" played in.
-- mark_t, Mar 12 2001

Someone set up us the song.

I'd rather have 'Kung Fu Fighting'...
-- StarChaser, Mar 12 2001

Take off every Ziggy Stardust...
-- PotatoStew, Mar 13 2001

Further Zen kudos could be achieved by performing delicate love songs of heart wrenching emotion whilst demonstrating a nunchaku kata. Those daring enough could engage in full combat knock out battles dressed in Elvis Las Vegas costumes.
-- stickyman, Mar 13 2001

I like the image. Our black-belt karaotist hero, in full Elvis regalia, is cornered down a dark alley by knife wielding gangsters. He looks them over, gives a knowing "Ah huh!" and breaks into a quick chorus of "I'm Caught In a Trap" as he batters them senseless with a concealed microphone stand and his deadly wing collars.
-- DrBob, Mar 16 2001

Yeah... It's funny. I bet you thougt of it while listening to "Kung Fu Fighting", why else? I envision Jackie Chan, fighting off backup dancers to Dragostea Din Tea. Hmmm, that's wierd. Yeah, it would really be interesting at a bar, like you suggested. How many people, after getting drunk, can do karate? I know I can! Hah-ya!! Stumble, stumble, CRASH!!!! BOOM!!! I'm OK....
-- TahuNuva, Nov 04 2007

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