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Copy and paste across computers connected to the same switchbox

I have two pc's connected to the same keyboard/monitor/mouse via a switchbox. In order for me to copy and paste text from one machine to the other I have to create a file on a shared drive and reference the data that way. A keyboard with memory could store my copied text on it's own internal clipboard and let the data be available on all connected machines.
-- blahginger, Oct 12 2001

CLIPBRD.EXE http://www.hal-pc.o...ns/win95/win95.html
Egnor's network clipboard solution has been baked by Microsoft since Win95 at least. In some versions of Windows you have to go grab it off the CD. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Not a bad idea...I believe some keyboards already have this or something similar...I have a vague memory of something like this.

A better idea might be to have the switchbox do the remembering.

I have six computers on five different networks on my desk here at work. I'd love to have this...
-- StarChaser, Oct 13 2001

A digital camera linked to the network - photograph something on one screen, the system recognises what it is and copies the data you photographed (rather than the photo itself) to the clipboard, then you select "paste" on the computer you want. You could do it all over a TCP/IP network with the appropriate software on each computer, and it shouldn't be hard to query each computer about whose screen matches the photo most closely.
-- pottedstu, Oct 13 2001

Networked window systems like X11 let you do this, more or less. One display and keyboard, many computers, shared copy&paste buffers.
-- wiml, Oct 13 2001

Oh, don't modify the keyboard or the switchbox. Just make "network clipboard" software. That way it will work even if you're not sharing a keyboard. Copy something, walk over to another machine, paste it if you want.

(Presumably there would be one clipboard per user login.)
-- egnor, Oct 16 2001

I have made a software program called NetClipboard. It shares the clipboard over multiple computers over the network, or internet(or both). It stores copies of sent/recieved text, it can automatically put that text on a clipboard, and it can also have its own clipboard(press alt-ctl-c to copy, alt-ctl-v to paste on another computer). It's in the latter stages of development. I'm hoping to start a website to sell the software soon. It has too many options to list here already, including ease of use for even networks with Dynamic IP addresses. I'm liking what I find; there is a market for the software, and very little competition. I will have a freeware version, a home version, small business, and corporate network version, most likely. Each version will cost seperately depending on the license amount, for example, a 3, 5, 10, etc, client amount. The more clients, the more you pay. If you have any questions or comments or IDEAS please send me an e-mail.
-- ChrisLH, Apr 09 2003

Just get one of those infamous HP wireless keyboards. You'll share everything you type with all your PCs that are so equipped. Well, all your PCs and every other PC in a 400-Meter radius.
-- Madcat, Apr 11 2003

And every computer will get everything you type, whether you want it to or not! Anyway, I'm not really advertising because I dont even have a site... But I'm sorry if I did anything wrong. I'd like some more beta-testers, so if anyone wants the program, just drop me by an e-mail and I should have a beta ready in a bit. Just trying to be friendly. :) P.S. It wouldn't even go to the clipboard, you'd have to retype everything you want to copy and make sure each computer is in a txt document and then type it and then cut it again on each computer seperately...
-- ChrisLH, Apr 11 2003

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