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Grind keys and pour mice on them

I'm reading a webcomic I just stumbled over.

I'm using the arrow keys on my keyboard - you say you keep yours there also? - to scroll down through the panels, and when I reach the bottom the mouse cursor is lined up right where I left it on the previous page - over the [Next] click-spot thingy at the bottom of the page.

But I have to keep reaching over and clicking the mouse.

Can I please get a key to do this with?

"I only have half a key, I had to split it with the sound effects man"
-- normzone, Jan 13 2011

Keyboard with integrated mouse
baked for years... [Spacecoyote, Jan 13 2011]

The webcomic that started this idea... http://www.drivecom...archive/090815.html
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

And this one is worth reading from the start if you're the target audience
You roleplayers know who I mean [normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Dr. Eldritch
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Dr. McNinja
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

A Girl and Her Fed
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Girl Genius
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Freak Angels
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Scenes From A Multiverse http://amultiverse....yond-the-beanrizon/
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Shi Long Pang - The Wandering Shaolin Monk
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Slaughterhouse 90210
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Questionable Content http://questionable...view.php?comic=1662
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Something Positive
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

Giant in the Playground http://www.giantitp...omics/oots0747.html
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

(?) Templar, Arizona
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

SPQR Blues
[normzone, Jan 14 2011]

[mitxela, Jan 16 2011]

[mitxela, Jan 16 2011]

If you're using Windows, there's a facility in Accessibility Options called "MouseKeys"... guess what it does ? ;D

[edit] You'll have to root around the 'net to find out exactly which key maps to what mouse event: oddly Micro$oft doesn't think it's important to say.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2011

Link up those webcomics.
-- rcarty, Jan 13 2011

[FlyingToaster], I have been using my on-screen keyboard so I can type with the mouse, which I get to through Programs/ ... /Accessibility. (Some days I am too butt-lazy to reach for the keyboard (from the depths of my comfy *reclining chair*)).

MouseKeys is new to me, and it took me a while to realize it was in Control Panel / Accessibility Options. It looks handy, and it is strange that they don't tell you what keys do what.

Thank you for letting me know about it.
-- baconbrain, Jan 13 2011

It just seemed like one of those obvious things that should be around: first "draft" of my anno was "should be something free downloadable, look for 'keyboard mouse mapper' or something"... then I saw directions to M$ built in thing...

If you're feeling even butt-lazier, try out a trackball.

[coyote]s link is to modern Model M keyboards (they purchased rights offa IBM awhile ago); pretty good from what I understand.
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2011

// try out a trackball //

Yeah, I want one of those again, but the other users of this computer would get all mad and ... stop ... using .... Excuse me, gotta get to the store.
-- baconbrain, Jan 13 2011

Thank you all. I'll have to research.

Does nobody, without Googling, recognize the "half a key" reference?
-- normzone, Jan 14 2011

Spinal Tap ?
-- FlyingToaster, Jan 14 2011

Actually it's Firesign Theatre, but you get credit for trying.

Okay, [rcarty], I linked the best ones. Damn, I've probably revealed more about my self now than in my entire 'bakery tenure.
-- normzone, Jan 14 2011

[nornzone], thanks for the webcomics. I have been working up through Order of the Stick archives for the past week, enjoying Drive since it started, and an XKCD reader since I don't know when. I have high hopes for the new ones.

(Firesign Theatre? That's been a long time. (When I first learned I was going to Sumatra, the first thing I thought was "giant rat". (And then, "That's been a long time.")))
-- baconbrain, Jan 14 2011

Are you left handed? I spent a considerable amount of time programming shortcuts so as to be able to execute them with my non-mouse hand. Please don't introduce some new complexity. I'm getting too old to keep up, I fear.
-- Zimmy, Jan 14 2011

I'm a righty, but I mouse either - handed to reduce the wear and tear ergonomically, and I used to work with a guy who programmed his mouse lefty, so I swing both ways.
-- normzone, Jan 14 2011

[Toby] have a play with GlovePIE. It's a 'programmable-input-emulator' originally meant for using a power glove to control the mouse, but has a huge amount of functionality for all kinds of things - what you're after would be easily doable once you get to grips with it.

[normz] you might want to look at AutoPager. It notices when there's a "next" button on a page and dynamically loads it onto the current page, I find it very useful (I use the greasemonkey version).
-- mitxela, Jan 16 2011

I have a laptop, which obviously has a button on it for mouse clickery. I also have a 'media' PC that has a wireless keyboard, which has a trackpad and mouse buttons. Had I neither of these, I may want what you are proposing.
-- marklar, Jan 16 2011

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