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Kitty can float.(not an ice cream)

Floods effect almost everybody and everything,and during these watery times not all can swim or stay afloat.

So for kitty,a bright yellow gonflable body jacket(cat suit) can be worn that when deflated fits snug about the body down to the paws.

When the rains start coming or the banks of the river overflow,sensors on the belly of the jacket detect too much of a water level underneath and inflates the cat suit up to the cats knees/ankles creating a kitty raft with a little flashing beacon on his back.The paws are free to movement, so perhaps kitty can learn to paddle.

The Kitty raft can also be inflated manually and has light weights to keep him upright,other gonflable jackets can raise the body maybe several inches above the water until spotted and taken into safety.
-- skinflaps, Jan 15 2003

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<Obligatory Rear View>
-- thumbwax, Jan 15 2003

nice idea. sadly people do forget their pets during floods but I believe the problem is mainly with caged pets in the garden e.g. rabbits :(
-- po, Jan 15 2003

Evidently you don't have much experience getting cats to wear clothes of any kind. And in reality, wearing anything that might snag on branches, etc., is likely to so use up the cat's nine lives during normal activity as to render any additional life-saving effect during floods quite superfluous.

Don't forget, cats *can* swim, and do in floods, they just don't like to get wet.
-- DrCurry, Jan 15 2003

Quibble: that would be a life jacket, not a raft.
-- dalek, Jan 15 2003

[skinflaps] - You're enjoying using that word, aren't you?

Sounds like a this idea would be a necessary addition to the Cat Ejection Pack if you live near a body of water.
-- lurch, Jan 15 2003

Harnesses. From the reports I've seen on TV, it seems that even when people do manage to float they get into trouble from being swept along by the current. Harnesses would allow the cats and/or dogs to swim to safety, dragging their owner along with them.
-- egbert, Jan 15 2003

For a moment there bli§, I thought that said rat suit.
-- thumbwax, Jan 15 2003

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