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Klein Bottle-Shaped Mall   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
Once you get in, you can never get out!

A mall shaped like a giant Klein bottle (see link).

The entire complex is sunken into the ground. Shoppers enter and exit through a hole in the ceiling, go down to the bottom floor in an escalator, and then work their way up through the tiered levels of shops that line the interior of the building. Once they reach the top floor, they can go back down to the bottom in the central elevator and head back up to the exit through the tube. Stay awhile... stay FOREVER!
-- DrWorm, Oct 12 2009

Klein bottle
[DrWorm, Oct 12 2009]

When I shop here, do I get outside or inside of my car? Maybe drive-through windows would be needed?

Would I park on a real projective plane?
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2009

Would we drive to the parking lot via the main mobius strip?
-- ye_river_xiv, Oct 13 2009

Transportation between the parking lot, which would be a real projective plane, and the mall, should be provided by a mobius strip shaped moving walkway.
-- goldbb, Oct 15 2009

But can't you just get out the way you came in, through the top?
-- pocmloc, Oct 15 2009

A Klein Bottle has NO dedicated inside and NO dedicated outside. How would you be trapped? Inside IS outside.

No vote, but if you posted a picture: croissant city! (for humor)
-- Wily Peyote, Oct 16 2009

This sounds awesome, but you'd need a lot of well-armed security guards to deal with all the existential-meltdown-induced murderous rampages.
-- Joolin, Oct 16 2009

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