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Make one for yourself, or someone else.

Have you ever had a favorite knick-knack that you’ve moved around the house so many times, there’s just nowhere left to put it? You really don’t want to throw it away because you like it. It reminds you of something, someone, or somewhere. Now you can make a Knick~Knack Hat with it. Maybe some crystals, snow globes, Buddhas, world globes, fiber optic waterfalls, bowling trophies, glass dolphins, shells…any thing that will fit atop your head.

The Knick~Knack Hat kit comes with a specially designed ‘plate’ that is a base to fit one’s head and is available in several sizes. There is a super epoxy that fills the base. Once the glue is put in the base, you just place your favorite knick-knack into it and wait for the glue to dry. There are also several ways to wear your hat. There are straps, ribbons, skullcaps, or elastic headbands to secure your hat onto your head.

This need not be limited to house hold knick-knacks by any means. One may set themes and use office supplies, medical supplies, kitchen supplies, or something related to your personal job or hobbies.

Be daring, wear a knick-knack hat today.
-- xandram, May 15 2006

Take an oddity and put it on your head?
-- Texticle, May 16 2006

Truthfully,[Tex] I don't understand the mfd tag. It's not like balancing an object upon one's head,it's a kit to create a hat. You can delete it if you'd like, as I am already wearing my fish bowl bonnet.
-- xandram, May 16 2006

Yay, it took me ages to make my toilet plunger top hat.I've been wearing it since 9:23 this morning.
-- skinflaps, May 16 2006

I didn't know these *ideas* or *inventions* had to make sense to everyone. If the 'bakery is a world unto our imaginations, then I could imagine folks would come up with some pretty interesting Hats here. Just look at how dashing skinflaps looks in his plunger top hat! I was tickled that he went and did that. That's all it
-- xandram, May 16 2006

Good point re: invention of a kit, but I'm still not sure. Like so many managers, I'll make my decision solely on the next thing I hear about the subject, and from then on I will not be swayed by any amount of logic either way.
-- Texticle, May 16 2006

"The use of knick knack hats has proven to improve organizational synergy and promote greater partnering and dialog amonst stakeholders"
-- Galbinus_Caeli, May 16 2006

Yes. That's right. I'm glad I thought of it.

[m-f-d] removed.
-- Texticle, May 16 2006

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