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Annoy people. Simple as that.

Has a restaurant ever overcharged your credit card? Want to get back at them? Well, here is your chance. The KnockAnnoyance attaches with mild adhesive to public bathroom walls. It automatically detects when someone knocks on the door, and responds with up to ten user-selectable phrases that you can choose when ordering. No one will be able to go to the bathroom, and because of its diminutive size, it will nnot be noticed for a while. The restaurant patrons won't come back, knowing that the bathroom is haunted.
-- -----, Jul 07 2005

Oooh. That's cold.
-- reensure, Jul 07 2005

Dennis, great shot. (excuse the cryptic.)
-- blissmiss, Jul 07 2005

Wouldn't you have to lock the bathroom door from the inside for this to work?
-- phundug, Jul 07 2005

Not at all - if you're trying to establish the bathroom as haunted, it would be even wierder for patrons if they were sitting there, and a disembodied voice responded to a knock at the door.
-- DrCurry, Jul 07 2005

Clever. Maybe old The Clapper units can be retrofitted?
-- bristolz, Jul 07 2005

[bristolz] nice idea. This shouldn't be too hard to build...
-- -----, Jul 07 2005

[DrCurry] Yeah, that would make for some interesting sights as people ran screaming from the bathroom. By the way, [phundug], with most bathroom locks, you can reach in and turn the knob/press the button. Still, maybe leaving it unlocked would be more interesting...
-- -----, Jul 07 2005

knock, knock
-- Ling, Jul 08 2005

Dave's not here.
-- jaksplat, Jul 08 2005

Most restaurant bathroom doors are hollow on the inside, what about fitting the device inside the door? That way you can really freak them out when they eventually try to vacate the person when it's closing time, they'll have to eventually open the door or something, just to find nothing, to even your sneaky device!

You could also add offensive bowel movement and chunk blowing sounds to your arsenal of sounds. Plus, if you are pissed at the restaurant, why not have:

"bowel movement, bowel movement", "ughh, ive tried everything on the menu and this happens every time, im never coming back here..."

Bye bye clientelle, sweet revenge...
-- The Duke, Mar 26 2008

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