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With all thanks to [jellydoughnut]

The LPelletG stove is essentially a pellet stove, crossbred with a catapult. Pilot light is initiated by LPG, then either maintained that way or if you choose so by wood.

The pellets are thin-walled cannisters of natural gas, fired into the stove from across the room at regular intervals. I'd buy one just for the romance of sitting around the fire at night with my sweetheart, my arm around her shoulders, my drink in my other hand, spilling little splashes as she jumps each time a tiny cannister of natural gas goes off with a tiny boom.
-- normzone, Feb 25 2006

Is this OK? Did I steal or did - Firelog_20Catapult
- cannistering the LPG make it OK ? Waiting for your review and disposition. [normzone, Feb 25 2006]

A pellet stove feeds the fire with a slow, steady succession of - http://www.pelletki...ove-P24-I-D-MED.jpg
- wood waste product formed into pellets. [normzone, Feb 25 2006, last modified Feb 21 2007]

Another take on burning natural gas .... Farting_20Rainbows
[normzone, Dec 11 2017]

Somebody experimenting with my idea - got the doseage wrong though (video) https://www.reddit....n_a_fireplace_wcgw/
[normzone, Mar 29 2018]

Acknowledged. Nicely done, turning a poorly thought out suggestion into a potentially functional plan+
-- jellydoughnut, Feb 25 2006

Burning natural gas.
-- jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

[jellydoughnut], apparently there's a new take on burning natural gas (link). Although when we were teens it was nitrogen tri-iodide.
-- normzone, Dec 11 2017

If this was outside, Pyro Gel dipped canisters would make a beautiful fiery arc in night.
-- wjt, Mar 29 2018

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