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It lights up.

A Rubik's Cube which would be made of clear plastic except for the faces of each square, which would be made of translucent colored plastic. In the center of the cube there would be a white light-emitting diode, and there could be an electric switch in the center square of the main face. The batteries would be in the middle of the cube.

Or the cube could possibly be made with a separate colored l.e.d. in each of the cube's 54 squares, but the wiring might be a little tricky, and the cube would be much more expensive.
-- BJS, Feb 17 2007

Rubik's Cube
[BJS, Feb 17 2007]

[BJS, Feb 17 2007]

Take your second option, but use color-changing LEDs and put rocker switches in the twisty sides that respond to pressure and make the colors rotate as they would on a real Rubik's cube, without the sides actually moving. That would be weird.

Throw in an acceleration sensor or something and have a cube that scrambles into challenges under program control after you, I don't know, bonk it against the table or something.

[Yeah, you can use that if you like, but you don't have to.]
-- jutta, Feb 17 2007

Interesting idea, but it would require the ability to change each square between 6 different colors.

May I use your idea to make a new idea?
-- BJS, Feb 17 2007

I think I've just seen something similar online (link if I can find it again)

Nope, couldn't find it... But it was on the BBC website a video covering the "Last 10 days" or something - I think it had a separate game associated with it - something that involved pressing a button on the LED that was lit, or something.
-- Dub, Feb 17 2007

Damn. I'd been planning to write a similar idea with miniature screens for a while but never got around to it. It would make for a challenge for those lovely people that could complete them in seconds, if the cube qould randomise the pattern if it wasn't completed in a given number of seconds.
-- hidden truths, Feb 19 2007

As for the second option, it shouldn't be impossible to cover the surface of a Rubiks cube with flat OLED panels, just in case you weren't yet concerned enough about the cost.
-- half, Feb 19 2007

I dare say 54 tricolour RGB LEDs would be a lot cheaper than six OLED screens. The processor required to drive them would be a lot cheaper too.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Feb 22 2007

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