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Cut jeans and pour them on top of boots

I adore the way my sweetheart looks when she is standing there with her pants around her ankles.

Of course, as much as I would enjoy it, it's not practical for her to be like that all the time.

But I can preserve the illusion, much as many different women's fashions are meant to do.

Take a pair of denim jeans, artfully scissor them in the middle and stitch them up to form floppy bells on each half at what was formerly the waistline.

Attach the legging halves at the cuffs to the tops of short boots, or just wear them over the boots.

Wear either high- or low-heeled as you choose. Ideally the bell would fall at the middle or top of the calf.

And you'd have a pocket on both the outside and the back of each boot. Might want to add some boning to stiffen it up a little bit.

Wear with jeans or a short skirt. Gucci, move over.

(I'd be extremely greatful if someone with illustrating skills would create an image of this)
-- normzone, Oct 03 2007

Art Frahm painted the picture in the link above
This is a study of the effect of celery on gravity in his work. [baconbrain, Oct 04 2007]

Wikipedia on Art Frahm
He was an odd person. [baconbrain, Oct 04 2007]

Similar(ish) effect Sewn-In_20Layered_20_27Yoof_27_20Pants
Vastly dissimilar motivation. [theleopard, Apr 24 2008]

Hey, I stumbled over a similar example!
[normzone, Feb 19 2011]

And I see somebody else is getting a leg up on this idea ... https://www.reddit....nts/9s4l1m/fashion/
[normzone, Oct 28 2018]

he he. why didn't i think of that? see [link].
-- k_sra, Oct 03 2007

[k_sra], sometimes you can look at the file name and intuit how somebody googled for a given image.

But how did you find that one?
-- normzone, Oct 03 2007

trying this in the privacy of my bedroom...
-- po, Oct 03 2007

Yes, but I can see you in my mind's eye. Very nice, [po].

I think [k_sra] has a good idea. There could be half-panty seals, where the leghole of the panty seal goes around the calf, and the outer perimeter of the panty seal is stitched to the inner diameter of the floppy bell.
-- normzone, Oct 03 2007

<glares at [norm]> oh no, you can't!
-- po, Oct 03 2007

Nice calves...

-- normzone, Oct 03 2007

I think boots that look like pants-around-the-ankles is a great idea, but I am confused by the description. Would these just be boots with a fallen-looking jeans-leg stitched to the top of each?
-- bnip, Oct 04 2007

(-) Eew. Ick. I didn't want to know.
-- jutta, Oct 04 2007

//it's not practical for her to be like that all the time//

Why not? Pics, please.
-- noncompliance, Oct 04 2007

See links to Art Frahm and his undie-dropping work.

I know I've seen boots with jean tops, pockets and even lacy edges.
-- baconbrain, Oct 04 2007

I'll see if I can get the missus to drop her keks, then I'll airbrush the (jeans') crotch.
-- marklar, Oct 04 2007

While I originally thought of these as boot tops, there is some potential for a leg warmers approach.

Oh no, a Flashdance moment.
-- normzone, Oct 06 2007

In the original idea, are the left and right connected to each other?
-- bnip, Oct 06 2007

You would have to design something that the person wouldn't trip over every time they moved, but other than that, it would be a pretty eye-catching effect.
-- Psudomorph, Oct 06 2007

Breathes on lenses, rubs them with shirt tail...

[bnip] No.
-- normzone, Oct 07 2007

Funny, practical, marketable. [+]
-- theleopard, Apr 24 2008

Pncttn: " Ladies' "
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2011

/add some boning/

That's what she said.
-- threelefts, Feb 22 2011

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