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A dedicated signal lamp to indicate a motorcyclist's intention to split the lane.

This may come as a shock, but not all motorcycles want to be speeding between the lines of traffic all the time. However, even the most courteous of riders sometimes finds it necessary to split the lanes. As traffic is ever changing, the rider will sometimes want to lane split, sometimes not, depending on the overall flow of traffic and the distance between the cars.

I have found that, often the driver does not know what the intention of a rider is. And a situation arises in which the driver slows down inappropriately or moves over for an unnecessary blocking maneuver. These can be avoided by the opening of communication between riders and drivers.

The Lane splitting indicator is a high output white LED mounted on the top of the front fairing or the top of a rider’s helmet. The rider can cause this indicator to flash to show his/her intention of splitting the lane, ending the confusion of the drivers all around and generally making him/herself more visible.
-- ato_de, Mar 27 2003

Quick Google search suggests that lane splitting is riding up the white lines between cars stuck in lane.

Why is a signal necessary? You don't see the motorcycle until it's way too late to do anything about any signals s/he may be flashing.
-- DrCurry, Mar 27 2003

[Dim] That wasn't very descriptive. Lane splitting is literally splitting a lane with another vehicle. Generally, cars don't take up an entire lane. This allows a motorcycle to pass without leaving the lane. This is generally done in slow or stopped traffic, but can be done at any time.
-- Worldgineer, Mar 27 2003

[Battledome]: {edit}: Thanks for fixing your spelling as per my requests. That's what I'm saying.
-- Cedar Park, May 31 2003

battle - stop trolling.

what has that link got to do with this idea?

2 lane paved roads can be found all over the world. this is not about 2 lane paved roads.
-- po, May 31 2003

This is legal in California, but what isn't? Most of the US allows lanesplitting to some degree or another, usually up to the discretion of traffic enforcers as to the safety of the maneuver. It has been shown to be safer, for motorcycles, in stop and go traffic than staying in one lane.

This is just an idea to clarify communication between motorcyclists and other motorists. I'm just trying to heal the wounds people, let's join hands...

kooom baaaah yaieee, me lord...
-- ato_de, Jun 03 2003

Nice intentions, and I like nice intentions...

Unfortunately as has been already mentioned, a surprising number of car drivers hardly ever use their mirrors and so wouldn't see us bikers with or without an extra signal. Unfortunately that means that it would only give us another thing to gripe about if some idiot cut across us without looking in their mirror and I'm not sure that 'Didn't you see my F*$^%>#g LED????' really makes the cut
-- scubadooper, Jun 03 2003

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