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electric shock treatment to those that chose to steal your laptop

I work in a small but fruitful firm...then someone had the bright idea to break into the office and steal our brand new laptop (value $ 5ooo) a pain in the arse now that it is gone ...


A laptop case,insulated and ready to let off a electric shock. Once programmed via keypin on a lcd or normal rotational lock combination , 30 seconds after you have entered the code..and some undesired scoundrel decides to take your hard work away and flog it... no code.. zaaaaaaaaaap!..

baked or not, a definite move forward. (I hope)
-- skinflaps, Sep 14 2002

Electric Bag http://www.spystuff...lprot.html#ShockBag
They make it in briefcase form too, search around. Just remember to turn it off first! [DemolitionMan, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

mini stinger missiles aimed towards the ankles
-- skinflaps, Sep 14 2002

My last laptop thief was very courteous. He emailed me saying did I want any of these important-looking documents back. I ran to the police station with his IP address, and they were like, 'you what?' Since it was a petty theft, not a computer crime, they put the flat-footest plod they could find on it. So I went back to the thief and said yes, please, and he sent me what I requested. I still have his email address. M Nazir, he was called. Nice chap. Torch him.
-- General Washington, Sep 14 2002

Overdoing it with the exclamation marks = fishbone!
-- DrBob, Sep 14 2002

There already are programs that can be made to lurk in a laptop (or any computer) and email the isp of the thief, if he attaches it to the net. Some universities have recovered quite a few this way.
-- pfperry, Sep 14 2002

I want [rods] idea to be baked, then I want a laptop.
-- kaz, Sep 14 2002

My IBM Thinkpad came with Personalization software that allowed me to create a color bitmap, (which could have been my face, I did a picture,) along with my name and address, phone, etc. When the laptop is powered on with password enabled the Bitmap pops up and asks for the password. To use a Thinkpad you must know the password or replace both the motherboard and the harddisk. The BIOS password also sets a password in the harddrive. There is no bypass jumper. Other laptops may offer similar features. Whether or not the thief would return it is another story...
-- cl_calkins, Dec 13 2002

I think this idea would be possible, but the problems of having a powerful charge distributed along the surface of the case would be too much to work on right now (ie. it would leak out at the corners). I think you could accomplish the same thing with a series of electrically conductive polymers woven through the fabric - alternating positive and negative with roughly a 1/8" gap between them, and closer together in the handle. Hook them up to a big ol' capacitor (about 25-50KV should be ok. Remember, you don't want to kill the thief, just blow him back a few dozen feet) and have it charge from a battery or wall socket for a few minutes.

Then, of course, you have the problem of disarming it before YOU pick up the bag. Maybe a long insulated pole that you could plug into the wall socket's ground connector.

But woe be to you if the wires somehow short out....your capacitor wlil detonate in a nice cloud of [corrosive] electrolytic fluids.
-- Macwarrior, Feb 06 2003

Baked in the bag sense, triggered by a remote. Still, croisant, because I like booby-traps!
-- DemolitionMan, Feb 06 2003

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