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Without all the backwash

A 12 oz bottle of beer with only 1.5 oz in the bottom. Crack it open, down the hatch. Now your whole beer is as good as the last sip.
-- oxen crossing, May 16 2005

Why put it at the bottom where it's hardest to get at?
-- Basepair, May 16 2005

What about the bit on top?.
Nice to see you again!
-- gnomethang, May 16 2005

the last sip of beer is normally referred to as "beer piss" around these here parts. Isn't the phrase "good to the last sip?"
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 17 2005

Pity the guy at the factory who's job it is to drink the first 10.5.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 17 2005

My point is semantic, but we generally have the last sip _of_ the bottle. Hence, limit the task to a sip _in_ the bottle and you'll have a lot of people wanting to argue your beer isn't as good as anything and will never be better.
-- reensure, May 17 2005

Well, yes they might argue that, but they can just drink whole beers. Too bad for them, as they will continue to lose their bottle, while swearing they had one last sip, while I will have drunk (drank?) my last sip first.

[hey, give me a break here, it's the best I could do in the short time my two children napping overlapped. I now post whenever both kids are napping, and wife's not home. You won't see much from me--only happens every couple weeks or months]
-- oxen crossing, May 17 2005

Now, "family safety" is a marketing angle that has missed exploitation by the liquor industry. Therein may lie salvation of this economic/ecologic boondoggle of an idea.
-- reensure, May 17 2005

//I like to drink beer in Ireland, where a pint is 20 Oz. not 12// Is there anywhere a pint is 12oz ? Aren't even weedy US pints 16oz? Or have I got my US/imperial measures confuddled again?
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 17 2005

Okay... if the first and last sip is the only sip then it is neither the best or worst sip, for there are no sips to compare it with. One sip of beer is a unity, and, as such, coincides nicely with the dogmas of buddism. But, buddists don't drink, so now I'm really confused.

I throw my last sip out, and when a buddy gets angered over it, I tell him to "fuck off" and grab his beer and drink it all down.
-- daseva, May 17 2005

Just to be clear, this is not the dregs. That should always be thrown out. This is enough beer to be unanimously understood as too much to waste, but not enough to be considered more than one gulp. In other words, enough that someone else would consider stealing it, depriving you of your cherished last sip, which you really might not've consided so valuable until it was removed against your will.

Anyway, that won't happen with Last Sip Beer, since you got to it first, unless you are the type that opens a beer, and sets it down before taking the first sip, in which case the beer (a whole one or a last sip beer) is legally up for grabs.
-- oxen crossing, May 17 2005

Use a beer bong. Problem solved.
-- Noexit, May 17 2005

Or a straw, to get the last sip first.
-- Soterios, May 17 2005

I like this - the ultimate "contents may settle during transit" product.
-- DrCurry, May 17 2005

There's a lot of wasted CO2 in this product. The sound would be impressive when you open it though.

Unless you're really trying to replicate that last sip. In that case, don't carbonate it at all and keep it a bit over room temperature (shiver).
-- Worldgineer, May 17 2005

You could do this as a food product. Like the last mouthful of Sunday roast: a couple of forkfuls of new potato crumbs, lamb, mint sauce and gravy. MMmmmm.
-- wagster, May 17 2005

Can you get this in draft?
-- ldischler, May 17 2005

Yes. Go ahead.
-- oxen crossing, May 17 2005

US Pint = 18oz... Cheers to Mr. Blair's proposition
-- DrMann, May 18 2005

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