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Get your shirt ironed while away from home

The problem: I often get a taxi to the nightclub at weekends. However, the back of my shirt inevitably gets creased to hell while in transit. Officially, this is the main reason why I rarely pull women (Unofficially, I'm always too damn drunk).

I imagine that the suit wearing fraternity experience similar crease related confidence problems when greeting important clients late into the working day.

The solution: A simple store strategically placed in close proximity to a busy, suit orientated commercial zone, or a popular night-spot (preferably both). For a nominal fee, one can walk in and have any garment of his/her choosing (re)ironed there and then. Private cubicles are available for those who wish to retain dignity while an item of clothing is being ironed.
-- Cunninglinguist, Apr 21 2004

There you go. http://www.josens.c...IRT___931M_646.html
[skinflaps, Oct 21 2004]

what you need is a collapsible pocket trouser press.
-- po, Apr 21 2004

Or a non crease shirt.
-- skinflaps, Apr 21 2004

The main reason you don't pull women is your creased shirt?
What kind of fussy women do you chat up?
-- MikeOliver, Apr 21 2004

tactful fussy women :)
-- po, Apr 21 2004

As they say:
”Creases on the back, slack in the sack.
Flat back shirt, a man worth a flirt.”
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 21 2004

I think the answer is to walk, not take a taxi, or, if it's really too far or too hot to walk, to lean forward while in the taxi. But (how shall we put this tactfully?), the rest of us don't seem to have any trouble in this department however creased the backs of our shirts.
-- DrCurry, Apr 21 2004

[Skinflaps] Bake it and I will buy it!

[DrCurry] I employ the leaning technique to the best of my ability, but this can become extremely uncomfortable for the back and shoulders (especially during long journeys).
-- Cunninglinguist, Apr 21 2004

[FJ] Hah! Where in god’s name do they say that?
-- ldischler, Apr 21 2004

In the powder rooms of Smallville, Kansas.
-- FarmerJohn, Apr 21 2004


Note how the fabric changes to heat.
-- skinflaps, Apr 21 2004

Cl: sheesh, stop worrying about creases you can't see and just focus on your, ah, lingual skills.
-- DrCurry, Apr 21 2004

an observation to the author; some women are drawn to men who look a little neglected in some way - I cannot imagine why!
-- po, Apr 21 2004

Because they're feral.
-- skinflaps, Apr 21 2004

[Skinflaps] I've tried a similar 'non iron' shirt, it was terribly uncomfortable.

[po] I am already "neglected looking" in more than enough ways :o)
-- Cunninglinguist, Apr 21 2004

now *that* I can imagine.
-- po, Apr 21 2004

You're not supposed to "pull" women on the first date. You really shouldn't even carry them till date three.
-- k_sra, Apr 21 2004

shit, when do we get to push?
-- po, Apr 21 2004

Any time you want, honey.
-- DrCurry, Apr 21 2004

Just wear a Lycra shirt, [Cunninglinguist] (Somehow, I have this horrible feeling that is your real name. Telling women that, at the outset, is a bigger problem than your creased shirt.).

Anyway, a Lycra shirt will attract a whole range of potential clientele for your services, if you're not too picky about gender.
-- Zanzibar, Apr 21 2004

Lycra now that is a crime against humanity, clothing companies shouldn't make large sized clothes in Lycra. Pet rant...
-- engineer1, Apr 22 2004

This would make a nice addition to the services provided by those guys who hang around in nightclub toilets trying to offer you aftershave or dry your hands for you in return for a tip.
-- stupop, Apr 22 2004

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