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Lavatory Fountain Sink with Lights   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
A bathroom sink that is like a fountain.

The sink would have the faucet pointing strait up where the drain would be. The drain would be in a circle around the jet like faucet.

It could also have a light inside the faucet that would shine up the pillar of water making a cool effect.

It could also possibly have a blue light in the faucet that turns on when the cool water is on, and a red light that turns on when the hot water is on.
-- BJS, Jun 22 2006

Sorry, I didn't know you had a similar idea. This idea is meant mostly to wash hands and to look cool. And I had this idea a long time ago.
-- BJS, Jun 22 2006

i guess it would be purple when it is warm
-- tatmkr, Jun 22 2006

I guess I should have posted this sooner.
-- BJS, Jun 22 2006

I've seen one just like this, in a bar a while back. What's worse is that was circular and in the middle of the gents. So half-cut guys would walk in and assume it was a urinal...
-- Jinbish, Jun 22 2006

that would make green
-- tatmkr, Jun 22 2006

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