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Lawn Bed   (+9, -3)  [vote for, against]
Because sleeping on the grass is cozy

Your standard bed base and mattress is replaced by a 2m x 2m planter box filled with clean potting mix, seeded with a soft, springy lawn species, and lit from above during daylight hours by either a skylight or grow lights. At night, a sheet can be laid across the lawn, or you can go without. Automated blades in the base keep the lawn trimmed to a comfortable height, or you can let it grow out to a decent shag-pile length. Keeping the system indoors should prevent weeds from arising.

Attaching the grow lights to your alarm clock gives you a dawn-simulating, anti-SAD wakeup each morning.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Feb 21 2006

Didn't The Secretary have one of these?

Anyway, while I enjoy lying on the grass as much as the next person, I imagine sleeping on the same patch night after night would damage it beyond repair. You kind of want a system that provides fresh sod every night, letting used patches lie fallow long enough to recover.
-- DrCurry, Feb 21 2006

//a system that provides fresh sod // Can we call it "Sod Off"?
-- baconbrain, Feb 21 2006

You could use other species like chamomile or clover, any resilient squishy groundcover would do. Scented ones would be nice.
-- BunsenHoneydew, Mar 07 2006

that would be awsome. but what if the automatic blades cut you while you sleep...haha. thats pretty funny to think of.
-- bobathie, May 15 2007

+ I'd like a bed of roses please.
-- xandram, Oct 27 2008

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