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Lawn stencils   (+12)  [vote for, against]
Large scale stencils for sporting events

Very large canvas sheets that can be rolled up and easily transported.

Event sponsers logos are laser cut out of the fabric, with the large spaces done in a fine strip pattern to maintain the structural integrity of the stencil.

Several months before a sporting event, the stencil is rolled out across the fairway, or the in goals / end zone / outfield and flower seeds and fertiliser is scattered onto the stencil.

By the time your event rolls around, the sponsors' logos are a blaze of natural colour.

Smaller scale domestic version also available with messages such as "Please pick up after your Pooch"
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 02 2005

peta pixel
[pashute, Oct 21 2012]

Mind the gap
-- skinflaps, Nov 02 2005

You could do this with fertilizer too.
-- bungston, Nov 03 2005

Why not make a rather heavy mat, place it down on your lawn and cut the grass that's still sticking up. Give it a day, the other grass will rise back up, and half the grass is 3 inches lower no questions asked.
-- iamnafets, Nov 03 2005

I had that same halfbaked idea a while back, [iamnafets], but discovered it was baked.
-- Shz, Nov 03 2005

Why was this idea not brought to my attention sooner?

In fact, just leaving the stencil in place for a few days would etiolate the covered grass, leaving the sponsor's message standing out in a deeper green.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2012

Works well until that awkward moment when the sponsor mergers or goes bankrupt. Eek, like trying to overdraw an old tattoo.
-- Phrontistery, Oct 22 2012

This would be very good for making crop circles.
-- Jscotty, Oct 24 2012

You could do color logos by using dandelion seeds, clover seeds, etc. in the stencil holes.
-- phundug, Oct 24 2012

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