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Robotic Randomly Mown Art

1) Fit electric lawnmowers with a simple "BEAM" style photo-tropic/obstacle avoiding nural net.

2) Fit mowers with solar panels to lengthen battery life and re-charge cells if charge falls below "Mow" level.

3) Release a set of these, say 5 or 10 in a huge recently mown area. Allow to run for a week, maybe two.

4) Take arial photographs, and exhibit at high-profile gallery.

5) Charge rich art patrons $5000 to let the robots loose on thier lawns, thus producing an "original peice" a commision as it were.

6) Profit!
-- Jawzx, May 07 2005

+ Also, by mowing the expansive lawns of the rich and famous into different heights, patterns and designs could become visable from the family jet or helecopter.
-- James Newton, May 07 2005

It'll never work. Everyone knows that step 1 is:
Collect underpants.
-- ato_de, May 07 2005

sp: piece
sp: their
-- reensure, May 07 2005

Ah, another magic "rich idiots" idea - if you don't have any idea how you can make money off this, please be honest. It's not as though this place is asking people to be practical.

Lawn mower art, the artistic kind as opposed to the random kind, is Widely Baked at baseball stadiums.
-- DrCurry, May 07 2005

Ok, fess up: did you think of this after I suggested putting mowers under your giant robotic stonehenge?
-- bungston, May 07 2005

[bungston] hey I gave you credit, kind of... see my annotation to the Stonehenge idea. Thanks by the way *grin*.
-- Jawzx, May 07 2005

--I've always found it curious that the really geometrically interesting crop circles were first observed just after farm equipment became capable of autonomous navigation. Mayhap there are a fair number of artistically inclined farmer-navigators out there?
-- Steamboat, May 10 2005

I notice that FarmerJohn (who would appear to fit the profile) is keeping silent here.
-- Basepair, May 10 2005

Someone's got a giant robotic stonehenge here? How come I never get to see the good stuff?
-- Soterios, May 10 2005

//Someone's got a giant robotic stonehenge here?//

Yes, it's not far off. You can visit it next door in the culture: art: sculpture section. Admittance is free (unlike the non-giant non-robotic stonehenge), but you are asked to leave a voluntary annotation to help with the upkeep.
-- wagster, May 10 2005

It would be much cheaper to simply hire nearly incompetent manual labor to mow the lawns. It would be perhaps a good job for the mentally handicapped or habitually drunk.
-- sophocles, May 11 2005

I'll do it!
-- wagster, May 11 2005

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