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A sheet-feeder on top of your lawnmower feeds documents, page by page into the lawnmower while you're cutting the grass. The resulting shredded paper and cut grass mixture provides the perfect carbon/nitrogen balance for your compost.
-- hippo, Jun 28 2005

This is a good idea. I bunned it!!. Would the lawnmower need an extra set of blades to cut the paper? I think sheets of A4 may not cut in the normal blades. and may get ravelled up.....
-- Minimal, Jun 28 2005

Paper is of a similar consistency to grass. If the paper were somehow cut into grass- like strands before being again cut by the main blade I think the mower could cope. Nice idea [+].
-- st3f, Jun 28 2005

I wouldn't use this at home (too much work) but I see potential for public greenway mowers to be so equipped. Anyone who wished could drop off a sack of shreddable paper goods to the mower gang, who would handle the onerous job of shredding and dispersing your trash. The shreddings would be less noticeable if a green biodegradable dye were injected into the mulched material.
-- reensure, Jun 28 2005

An inverted blender? Could I mix lots of party drinks on a tarp? Or mix a bathtub margarita?
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jun 28 2005

Paper is made from dead granite and therefore is compostable.
-- mensmaximus, Jun 28 2005

Dead granite?
-- bristolz, Jun 28 2005

Excuse me, but how is paper made from dead granite? Its primarily bleached wood pulp. Granite is an igneous rock consisting of mostly quartz, various feldspars, and mica. I imagine that would be a difficult surface to write on without a chisel not to mention shred. Try a jackhammer.
-- The Acrimonious Obfuscator, Jun 28 2005

I certainly hope it would be dead first
-- Zimmy, Jun 28 2005

I can recommend life as a granite-herder. It's a very relaxing life. Until one of them gets sick, anyway.
-- moomintroll, Jun 28 2005

Most soft wood is growing on a mixture of glacial till and bear poop. Most of the till came from the great granite shield of N.A. The shield was broken up by repetitive freezing and thawing of water in the cracks.

Based on 85 out of 100 mark test results in grade 5 geography.
-- mensmaximus, Jun 28 2005

Just like oil is made from dead dinosaurs?
-- normzone, Jun 28 2005

This would be specially engineered for paper shredding, yes? I woud hope it would do a better job than an unmodified lawnmower.
-- waugsqueke, Jun 29 2005

Nice. ++
-- sartep, Jun 29 2005

Obviously the mower would need a green die system to keep the paper form being too noticeable. You can throw goose poo in there as well, since it is green. But not bear poo. Not even Winnie.

On the other hand, how would it work for government agencies that have no grass nearby?
-- moPuddin, Jun 29 2005

I don't see why it has to be green! did we resolve the nitrogen issue? I say "we", although I've been asleep.
-- po, Jun 29 2005

[moPuddin} , I'm all in favour of throwing government agencies into a shredder of any kind : )

[mensmaximus], I think we've taken this concept for granite (somebody had to say it) far too long. Reminder to anyone attending a party put on by [Obfuscator] - BYOB.

I seem to remember running over a section of newspaper whilst mowing the lawn as a young lad. It came out the chute quite remarkably almost intact, so obviously [Minimal] & [waugs] are quite right in suggesting modifications. Perhaps a comb-type attachment to shred the sheets of paper before the blades chop them up?
-- Canuck, Jun 29 2005

I misread that as " at it full tilt..."


With that approach you'd be annoying them only once, but you could leave them mentally scarred for life.
-- st3f, Jul 04 2005

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