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Now, you can laze and do your travel shopping at once.

While on vacation at resorts featuring lazy rivers, I noticed a tendancy of men to sleep, while the women remained alert in the inner tubes-- reading or listening to music. Now, vendors can pay a fee to peddle their wares on an extended lazy river track. each tube carries behind it a 'cart' tube. Seeing as few carry money in bathing suits, the purchases are charged to the rooms account. Stores may include magazine shops, snack stores, and perhaps even some drinks. Thanks.
-- watermelancholy, Jul 26 2002

Lazy River Office http://www.halfbake...zy_20River_20Office
By [smizzou]. [phoenix, Jul 27 2002]

I like to get away from vendors when relaxing, I mean before you know it people are trying to sell thepeople sausages and its all gone crazy.
No fishbone, because I think others may feel differently but if I want to 'relax' I go nowhere near purveyors of goods. If I want 'retail therapy' (which often I do, but rarely does it coincide with relaxing) I take myself to the high street.
Horses for courses my Young friend.
-- The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 26 2002

So the men get sleepy...the women go shopping...AND CHARGE EVERYTHING TO THE ROOM?

Recipe for disaster! But I am always for laziness, so I may croissant this....yawn - when I wake up.
-- Jinbish, Jul 26 2002

Splurging = Cha-CHING!
-- watermelancholy, Jul 26 2002

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