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Product: Fax
Le Faux Machine   (+7, -2)  [vote for, against]
Product: Fax: Pun

All too often, especially these days, fax machines don't get much usage - this can lead to the owner feeling a little left out.

The faux machine is guaranteed to print out random facts from a USB memory stick (primed with pages from Wikipedia, but can be populated with anything suitable) on a daily basis, providing you with an exciting information source, while also helping to make you feel just a little bit less lonely.

You could plug it into the telecommunications system, but it's not really necessary any more.
-- zen_tom, Jul 14 2008

Such as...
[Jinbish, Jul 14 2008]

Could print one of these [theleopard, Jul 14 2008]


//can be populated with anything suitable//

sp: Halfbakery pages.
-- Jinbish, Jul 14 2008

is there any help for filofax owners?
-- po, Jul 14 2008

(go stand by your fax machine and I'll sent you one right over...)
-- xandram, Jul 14 2008

random, halfbakery