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Public: Law: Courtroom
Legal Cheerleaders   (+7, -3)  [vote for, against]
Invite cheerleaders to cheer at trials

The US legal system apparently makes a mockery of justice already, so why not liven it up a bit? Invite cheerleaders for the prosecution and the defense (or both sides if it's a civil matter). These cheerleaders should create appropriate cheers for their side's current stratagem.

"Ready? OK! Who's the guy we need alive? Don't let him testify! Use Amendment number five!"

I forsee more public interest in the legal system. Also it can't hurt to hear Latin in more cheers.
-- Acme, May 09 2005

I see Texas is trying to create illegal cheerleaders.
-- bristolz, May 10 2005

I've never specified the sex of the cheerleaders. And I suppose Texans can have their cheerleaders without "obscene" dances.
-- Acme, May 10 2005

We really need hotdog vendors in those god damn courtrooms. Keep your cheerleaders, I don't need boobs bouncing around everytime the defense calls a witness, or an objection is made. I need hotdogs. And Peanuts. Maybe a few beautiful models naked just standing around, that way during the slow moments you can admire the beauty of the female form.
-- Blumster, May 10 2005

Ring card girls, strutting around in high heels and barely-bikinis, holding up a card with the number of times an objection has been sustained or overruled.
-- normzone, May 10 2005

I rather like the idea of illegal cheerleaders. Presumably they'd be sneaking around at night, wearing shadow-grey crop-tops and ra-ra skirts. Balaclava hats, too. Trying to avoid being caught in possession of illicit pom-poms with intent to chant...


...I think maybe I should get back to work.
-- oldmotherchaos, May 10 2005

Would this be part of the trial half-time show?
-- hidden truths, May 10 2005

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