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Lego Brick Power Adapter   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
No more wasted sockets

Looking under my desk I see a bunch of power bars giving me some 15 available sockets for my electronics. But because some of my AC adapters are with odd shapes about 7 of those sockets are wasted and adds to the overall clutter. A lego brick like design for the AC adapters would solve the problem in an ellegant and scalable manner. The adapters would just snap together creating one super adapter.
-- ixnaum, Oct 25 2005

(?) Lego modular sockets http://www.arrowpur.../lego_bricks_01.jpg
Links back to the whole 'build your lego socket tower/spaceship/etc' thing. Slightly crap due to me being in work using Paint. [rubyminky, Oct 26 2005]

Funny part is, thats how actual lego parts are designed. I have one of the many lego trainsets. There are positive and negative wires that come of a speed regulator. The connections at the end of those wires are lego bricks which you can stack.
-- Antegrity, Oct 25 2005

yes that was my inspiration ... except the metal parts could not be exposed like in lego because this one would have 120 - 220 V depending on which part of world you are in.
-- ixnaum, Oct 25 2005

I am about to lose my mind, because every single mobile phone and Palm and Blackberry we have uses a different power adaptor, with incompatible sockets. Rather than snap-together adaptors, I'm waiting for that cordless recharging technology we were promised two or three years ago now. But croissant for the thought.
-- DrCurry, Oct 25 2005

Well, yes, but someone already did that one.
-- DrCurry, Oct 26 2005

Okay, what's to prevent my lego-crazed nephew from playing with the light socket then?

Low voltage = low efficiency over long distance.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 26 2005

My electric toothbrush had a wireless recharging stand. The only problem is that it broke after a few months, suspiciously close to the expiration of the warrenty.
-- discontinuuity, Oct 26 2005

Actual Lego power sockets - the actual power sockets clip together Lego-fashion so you could have blank ones to fill the gaps between actual sockets, plus you could make lego power socket space ships or something for your desk. (see pic)
-- rubyminky, Oct 26 2005

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