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Lemmings Day   (+13, -2)  [vote for, against]
A day where everybody is obliged to go to work wearing blue overalls and green wigs.

Every December 7th*, bricklayers, scafolders and other labourers who you might happen to see in the street, are at their liberty to dress up like those adorable lemmings from Psygnosis’ Lemmings series.

Both adults and children will delight in seeing giant, fully-grown lemmings laying rows of bricks in the street, just like in the video games. Traffic wardens working in busy cities will stand in the middle of the road, arms out to either side, tapping their feet and keeping vigil.

There will always be those wishing to ruin Lemmings Day for others, though. Police will have to keep on the look out for over-enthusiastic school children jumping out of windows, armed with only bright yellow umbrellas to slow their falls. Citizens will also be on their honour not to try and scale every wall that they happen across.

*December 7th marks the release of Holiday Lemmings for the PC, in 1991.
-- spiritualized, Oct 18 2004

Those of us who are not bricklayers and scaffolders etc., would be obliged to *play* Lemmings instead of acting it out. Those who think Lemmings are little furry brown rodents would have to wise up sharpish.
-- wagster, Oct 18 2004

Be on the lookout for anybody walking around counting down from 5 with signs over their heads.
-- shapu, Oct 18 2004

Be wary of any (and many) unfinished bridges. [+]
-- yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 18 2004

<fingers in ears> "Oh NO!"
-- wagster, Oct 18 2004

That gave me a good laugh, [shapu]. Ta.
-- vigilante, Oct 25 2004

"Let's go!" [+]
-- DocBrown, Oct 25 2004

Well, this would be interesting. +
-- sartep, Oct 25 2004

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