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Business: ATM: Add-On
Lemonade-Dispensing ATMs   (+20, -1)  [vote for, against]
To promote customer loyalty, especially on hot summer days.

This forward-thinking bank would equip its ATMs with lemonade dispensers. Only bank cardholders would have access to this function, and it would come for free, perhaps with a certain minimum balance. People who hold accounts with other institutions would be allowed to withdraw cash -- but not lemonade.
-- -----, Dec 04 2009

Cups? hands? mouth?
-- pocmloc, Dec 04 2009

I like this - perhaps if you've got more than a certain amount in your account the ATM would dispense something tasty, like a small square of chocolate, or a marron glacé, or a few roasted cashew nuts.
-- hippo, Dec 04 2009

And if you go over your overdraft, rather than wallop you with a massive charge, the ATM squirts a nut brown ordure cocktail at your face/chest/genitals (depending).
-- calum, Dec 04 2009

Might be even better if you make it seasonal. Lemonade in the spring and summer, hot or cold cider in the fall, and hot cocoa in the winter.
-- nick_n_uit, Dec 04 2009

Well, Nick, truly by "lemonade" I meant your favorite seasonal drink :) However, hot drinks make things slightly more complicated -- perhaps a heat exchanger could be used to heat the drink with the waste heat produced by the ATM's guts?
-- -----, Dec 04 2009

I see it as a cool add-on. You just bend down and turn your face up, and then you get some lemonade. Keep it simple and pure. Love it +
-- blissmiss, Dec 04 2009

+ I like it. Maybe one could make an origami cup with some money, or cups could be stored in a dispenser nearby.
-- xandram, Dec 04 2009

I say make it free to anyone who has a card to put into the machine period. Then they can collect information from non-account holders for marketing purposes and persuade them to keep coming back for free lemonade until they finally sign up to get an account.
-- Jscotty, Dec 05 2009

[+] for origami £5 note cups.
-- pocmloc, Dec 05 2009

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