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A pleasant alternative to broken silence

While trying to study in a library today I noticed that the quieter a study area is, the more obvious the little distracting noises are: That guy behind you who insists on snorting snot every 30 seconds (instead of blowing his @%$&!! nose)... whispered conversations... the creak of the library door.

One departure from the ideal of perfect silence is to have a series of water features at strategic locations around the library, presenting aesthetically pleasing stimuli to the visual and aural senses - including constant yet soothing watery sounds to take the edge off any minor noise distractions.
-- Adze, Nov 02 2005

Constant-Noise Refrigerator Constant-Noise_20Refrigerator
by phungug's friend Caroline. [calum, Nov 02 2005]

Outdoor Office _22Outdoor_22_20Office
That was partly the thinking behind this idea. Perhaps we could extend it to libraries? [DrCurry, Nov 02 2005]

Something like this? [Trickytracks, Nov 03 2005]

At least one case of baking
[MechE, Nov 14 2013]

[JesusHChrist, Nov 21 2013]

Nice. It would also help to disguise the noise of that guy who insists on blowing his @%$&!! nose every other minute!
-- egbert, Nov 02 2005

Wind chimes, too, methinks.
-- DrCurry, Nov 02 2005

DC, oh that made me laugh...
-- po, Nov 02 2005

My local library has a fish pool with a waterfall in the middle and has done since I was wee. Ahead of their time. +
-- squeak, Nov 02 2005

Why stop there? Build a huge atrium. Do your research in a nice wooded setting. This would limit the exposure of books to the increased humidity from the fountains to the time you are in the atrium.
-- Shz, Nov 02 2005

One could emply technology to convert little distracting noise into barely noticed background. For example, one whispered conversation may be distracting, but 10 or 20 blend into white noise.

I propose that library speakers pick up any noise (eg: snorted snot), then rebroadcast that noise at varying low volumes and irregular intervals. Eventually, any of the current distracting noises in the library would be converted into ambient noise, camouflaging the original source.
-- bungston, Nov 03 2005

[Trickytracks] Yeah something like that, or maybe something more Japanese garden-y. Nice examples though.

[bungston] Sounds like a job for BUNGCO.

[UB] As much as I like thunderstorms too, there are many who don't find them soothing...
-- Adze, Nov 03 2005

I like the idea of the gentle sound of water in a library. I mean besides the sound of someone slurping water from the drinking fountain.

//I propose that library speakers pick up any noise (eg: snorted snot), then rebroadcast that noise at varying low volumes and irregular intervals.//

Some kids would probably get the idea to make animal noises every now and then and the library will end up sounding like a friggin' jungle.
-- Machiavelli, Nov 03 2005

The local Barnes&Noble store has one of those white noise generator fountains in its center, with benches placed strategically around it.
-- jutta, Nov 03 2005

A pond with a bronze brontosaur (just head and neck) drinking. The rest of the saur out of sight behind a court yard wall. Would make a nicer place to read and dream.
-- popbottle, Nov 14 2013

Steve Mann's hydrolophone (link) and other interests should be incorporated, since innovation and providing the tools is so fundamental to the library setting. Everyone should wear cameras and kids should be encouraged to play in the fountain. Big companies can fund in return for innovation data.
-- JesusHChrist, Nov 21 2013

Except for the occasional screams of "TURN THAT DAMNED WATER OFF!"

-- doctorremulac3, Nov 21 2013

Solid idea. [+]
-- theleopard, Nov 22 2013

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