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Stickers with common tasks that you can put on things.

Basically a little booklet of stickers that have common tasks you really should do but don't. This will help you remember to do them. Example. Feed Me sticker-useful for Fish, Plants, Dogs, Cats, and Babies.

Wash Me sticker- as above, minus Fish and Plant

Love Me sticker- wife/husband

Throw Me Out sticker-old clothes, furniture, wife/husband, dead fish.

-- TBK, Oct 09 2002

sort of done before - halfbaked - sorry http://www.halfbake...dea/Chore_20Markers
[po, Oct 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Stick Me sticker - booklet of stickers
-- FarmerJohn, Oct 09 2002

"This is the cow. She must be milked every morning so that she will produce milk, and the milk must be boiled in order to be mixed with coffee to make coffee and milk."
-- st3f, Oct 09 2002

How about a voice activated intercom system that you just say the name of the room and what chore needs done there and then when someone enters that room the message automatically is played back. When you do the chore you tell it to delete.

Not as simple as your stickers but I wish I had this system at home. I am always forgetting something in the other side of the house and sometimes go there and can't remember what for exactly. I know I shouldn't admit that but I don't think I'm loosing my mind, just have too many things going at once sometimes.
-- UfosOverChina, Oct 09 2002

if it's anything like the "to do" list in my palm, things steadily get more and more ignored.

so you'd end up with a life covered in post-its, never treating anything as urgent..

reminders really have to come to you (hence calendar alarms)

maybe if they changed colour periodically they'd be harder to ignore
-- rangelife, May 15 2003

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