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Lil' Bodysnatcher   (+1, -8)  [vote for, against]
A robot.

You set it in the forest and it has cameras that can see little things run by it and then, when they get close enough, bam! A claw comes out and grabs the little animal and carries it into a cage. Inside the cage, the animal is burned and fuels the recharging of batteries.

Batteries are harvested on a periodic basis, depending on the amount of fuel.

Lil' Bodysnachers are not inhumane. They are only used in areas where there is irrefutable abundance of little critters.
-- daseva, Dec 11 2008

Preheating this idea... http://www.foxnews....tml?test=latestnews
Ha! You skeptics, it is possible! [daseva, Jul 15 2009]

What colours would it come in?
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2008

I was thinking of a similar ad campaign to the ipod nano-chromatics.
-- daseva, Dec 12 2008

That's a good question, but I think the answer might be 'maybe'. I set a bag of cheetos on fire and that worked, anyways.
-- daseva, Dec 12 2008

[-] for cruelty.

I think energy is only generated if the body is dried; otherwise evaporating water uses all the energy.
-- sninctown, Dec 12 2008

But...what if they decide that We are irrefutably overabundant little critters?
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 12 2008

[marked-for-stupidity] -
-- theGem, Dec 12 2008

To get energy, you'll have to squish out the water, let it dry a bit, and burn the resulting paste.
-- Voice, Dec 14 2008

Why do I always feel slightly unnerved whenever I see "Lil'"?
-- zen_tom, Dec 16 2008

//Why do I always feel slightly unnerved whenever I see "Lil'"?//

It's all those gangsters.
-- Noexit, Dec 16 2008

well it would at least provide more calories to not have to evaporate the water as well. Anyway, I don't think the critters would burn.
-- Voice, Dec 18 2008

//Why do I always feel slightly unnerved whenever I see "Lil'"?//

Because the apostrophe is in the wrong place perhaps?
-- DrBob, Jul 16 2009

//otherwise evaporating water uses all the energy//
Hmm, crematoria steam-engines...
-- coprocephalous, Jul 16 2009

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