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Halfbakery: Game
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Grind the annos and pour links in their places

In this version of "Let's Make A Halfbakery", participants eschew the use of annotations, and in their place link to images, articles, or other ideas that express their feelings regarding the source idea.
-- normzone, Aug 18 2009

Eschew http://www.merriam-...m/dictionary/eschew
[normzone, Aug 18 2009]

Croissants http://www.kidscree...oissants_plate1.jpg
[zen_tom, Aug 18 2009]

http://www.gogo-gad...ishbone_icetray.jpg [hippo, Aug 18 2009] [daseva, Aug 18 2009] [tatterdemalion, Aug 18 2009] [blissmiss, Aug 18 2009] [csea, Aug 18 2009]

Job interview obstacle course Job_20interview_20obstacle_20course
My take, sorta. [phoenix, Aug 19 2009]

Gratuitous churn http://4.bp.blogspo...600/churn-it-up.gif
[normzone, May 03 2011] [mouseposture, May 04 2011]

Open a brew-ski http://www.freepate...0488972-0-large.jpg
[Klaatu, May 04 2011]

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