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Liquid lens eyewear   (+3)  [vote for, against]
Rose colored on the right and lime on the left

These eyeglasses have two lenses separated by a small air gap, and are sealed around the periphery everywhere except at the threaded and o-ringed drain plug at the bottom, and a similar fill port at the top.

Choose your beverage, food coloring mixture, or other tinted liquid and fill the reservoir with the desired level of darkness for the current illumination conditions.
-- normzone, Apr 24 2007

And only THEN do I find the good doctor's idea... JELL-O_ae_20Vision
[normzone, Apr 24 2007]

o.k. now what?

I love you btw...

<squints through one lens or other>
-- po, Apr 24 2007

sp: he's NOT the good doctor - thats BOB
-- po, Apr 24 2007

And I you, [po]. I guess you could put beer in them, that may make me even more loveable ;-)
-- normzone, Apr 24 2007

I don't need alcohol...


reads your profile page and goes to bed laughing...
-- po, Apr 24 2007

Hey, this could double as a flask. Too bad it would hold such a low volume.
-- normzone, Oct 13 2007

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