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Because I couldn't find Relationship:Lubricant.

By the way, if someone feels there is a catagory better suited, then please let me know.

Little honey sachets are like fortune cookies, but without the General Tso's Chicken before hand. Guys, be the first on your block to present your special lady with the cute little trinkets and poety they love so so much.

Inside each sachet there is helpful advice and words of engouragement for the gentleman. Such as: "Be patient, good times are on the way." and "Do it now, man!" Accompanying the helpful words is a short and sweet poem. Something brief and easy to remember even for us neanderthals out here - words which go straight to the heart.

But now the real treat - Jewelry. With entry-level all the way through "Donald Trump" pricing brackets, every loving man can afford these little pockets of cheer. No one knows what you'll get, because every combination is unique. The sachets will contain anything from simple gold rings with "I love you" enscribed upon them to one of a kind pendents and lockets.

Say "I love you" in a unique and interesting way this year. Available at participating jewelry stores, or order online.
-- Letsbuildafort, May 17 2004

I think this might just work. You are going to get comments about taste in jewelry, but I feel sorry for guys who seldom get it right even when told, anyway, and this would have to be an improvement.... Thanks for thinking of us. (I'm a female. duh)
-- dentworth, May 17 2004

I'm really all about the novelty of having nifty gifts and encouragment in unsuspecting packages. And afterall, without you guys (females, duh) there'd be no us guys. :)
-- Letsbuildafort, May 17 2004

Aw. How did you know we like presents? <blink blink>
(neanderthals: watch and learn.)
-- k_sra, May 17 2004

Do you lick the honey off before or after putting it on her finger?
-- Worldgineer, May 17 2004

"while" is the operative word, [World].
-- k_sra, May 17 2004

I think it's missing something. A sachet is boring (sorry, [bliss]). You need it encased in a cookie. Or one of those exploding tubes that are used around christmastime (what are those called again?). Or a pinata. Ok, maybe not a pinata.
-- Worldgineer, May 17 2004

Ya know, [World], thats a great idea too. Every so often, actually fill those sachets with honey for a REALLY romantic evening.

Steve: Yes. Check and check. Good call.
-- Letsbuildafort, May 17 2004

[Worldgineer] those exploding tubes that are used around christmastime (what are those called again?).


Thought I'd answer for [po]. It's catnap time and dreams of trinkets and bling, no doubt.
-- dpsyplc, May 17 2004

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