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Product: Toy
Little Water Monster In A Jar Finger Puppet   (+17, -1)  [vote for, against]

I dreamt this idea the night after after working a ticket booth at a fundraiser for a theater troup called Squallis Puppets.

A realistic little finger-sized monster with one giant bulging eyeball twitches inside a little cramped jar of murky salt water I hold here in my hand, one finger of which I use to operate the monster. A screw-on ring on the bottom of the jar seals a rubber glove finger which goes up into the underwater finger puppet.
-- Mustardface, Feb 18 2011

Classic trick to play on your sisters kids
[MikeD, Feb 19 2011]

The monster should have a round mouth with internal teeth like a lamprey, which it can press up against the glass.
-- bungston, Feb 18 2011

The internal teeth should be ceramic, so when the sucker mouth is pressed against the glass the teeth can go "click, click" on the glass.
-- bungston, Feb 18 2011

The eyeball housing is clear and full of clear viscous goo. The ball itself moves randomly about within.
-- bungston, Feb 18 2011

Everyone wonders why you refuse to raise it higher than your waist.
-- rcarty, Feb 18 2011

Brilliant, [mustard]. Reminds me of another gruesome finger powered illusion. <link>

-- MikeD, Feb 19 2011

Love it.
Link's broken for me [MikeD].
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 19 2011

Here, try now, [2fries]. I am an e-tard.
-- MikeD, Feb 19 2011

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