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To create the ultimate OS: Windows and physics combined!

Ever tried to hurl a window?

Imagine.. your surfing the web, suddenly an annoying popup appears (think X10 camera ad) - using your lightning quick reflexes you tag the window, sharply hurl your mouse to the left, and off it flies, smashing to pieces on the monitor border.

Many special effects could be combined depending on taste: real time deformation engine (window smashes like a car, with dents, crushing, and textures peeling off), rag-doll physics (the window bounces off the size, sideswipes the start menu (taking part of it along) landing after doing a flip, rocking to a standstill on the bottom of the screen, (ie. the center of gravity). There could be a plug-in feature where people create custom effects.

How much this could make a boring work envonment "dynamic", with the addition of network support you can start hurling your (work) windows at your collegues.
-- proto13, Feb 19 2004

And when it freezes, it could do just that.
-- Detly, Feb 19 2004

I seem to remember seeing something like this as an option in the latest Nvidia drivers... part of their desktop managment. It lets you toss (and plots trajectory) a window from one screen to the other (dual/trip monitors) or from one side to the other... as far as all the SpecFX for the windows (crashing against the sides or being crushed or whatever) wouldn't that just increase the time it takes to get rid of those pesky things anyway?
-- photojunkie, Mar 26 2004

// How much this could make a boring work environment //

"I'm doing my best Boss, this window just doesnt' want to get crushed"

There are tons of eye candy to make your work more fun, but very few of them make you more productive. Mac OS X has good balance I think.
-- ixnaum, Aug 26 2005

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