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You order something and then they say it gets delivered between 8 am and 1 pm so you have to be there the whole morning, waiting. Or it will be delivered on thursday (I never could get the hang of thursdays) and you have to be home all day long.

Well what if you have to go to work? Or nip down to the store to get some milk or possibly something else? You have to pay delivery costs for something you didn't get?

Or what if they use the postal service, huh? When they find you not at home(they just missed you) they have the curtesy to leave you a note that you can pick up your parcel THE NEXT DAY but you need it NOW.

Enter the local delivery service. Whatever you want brought to your home is instaed sent to the LDS. At your convenience you call them.

Hey guys, I'm home, now would be a good time.

They deliver your product within five minutes. Works in the evening also. They would be waiting for your call like the ambulance drivers and the firemen. Or they would be driving around in their van delivering other products and when you call BANG they take a u-turn and head for your place.

They might also provide the service of being at your place when you are at work to wait for the (fill in what ever needs repaired) repairman.

Open for suggestion of better category.
-- zeno, Aug 10 2007

Deliver_20it_20on_20Saturday [hippo, Aug 10 2007]

mailbox-XL (see the BearBox link) [hippo, Aug 10 2007]

You could hire someone to do those things now. Maybe that elderly guy who hangs around the bait shop. Maybe your brother in law, who could use the money. Just give their address as yours. It would help with the collections agents too.
-- bungston, Aug 10 2007

//Whatever you want brought to your home is instaed sent to the LDS.//

Baked. Deseret Industries.
-- globaltourniquet, Aug 10 2007

I like the drop box idea. The service would be highly inefficient to deliver personal parcels and must come at a premium price or it would go out of business like that one online startup that tried the same thing with groceries. They ran up a bill of a billion dollars in a distribution system that never got running.

The home delivery system killed their profits. UPS (i think it was UPS) recently altered their truck routes to encourage only right turns, saving them gas and time, but it gives you a good idea of how much the efficiency or inefficiency of a delivery business can make or break a business.

It is a good-intended idea and one that would provide a well-thanked service to the senior citizen market, but highly inefficient. A better idea would be a carpool service to different places every day. The grocery, the mall, the park or beach. Encouraging them to get out of the house and not keep them inside will promote healthy living.
-- twitch, Aug 10 2007

[twitch] see the 'BearBox' link on the MailBox-XL idea (linked)
-- hippo, Aug 10 2007

Why not get local shops to register as "LDS Drops"? Your local school nwsagent could become the recipient of all "LDS" parcels, and charge a small fee for each item held for collection.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 11 2007

That is already done here [MaxwellBuchanan], this idea is derived from that because I don't want to go and pick it up, I want them to bring it. (and it's only one company that does it)
-- zeno, Aug 12 2007

>I never could get the hang of thursdays

Nominated for tagline. +
-- csea, Aug 12 2007

//That is already done here [MaxwellBuchanan]// It is? Where's here? I imagine this exists unofficially in some areas (Bob's not in, but the postman knows it's OK to leave it at the corner shop), but I'd never heard of a formal system.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 12 2007

Just get to know your driver. I have several personal cell phone numbers at my disposial of UPS drivers. Most of the time they can give you a specific time, or they could call you 20 minutes before they get there... just saying, theres UPS itself, and the people that work for them, get to know them.
-- evilpenguin, Aug 13 2007

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