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Gel grip - schmell grip.

I like to write or draw sometimes - and when I do, after a while, my sensitive little fingertips can get a bit sore gripping onto the pen/pencil/paintbrush that I'm holding on to.

I've found that by cutting out a sort of 2D croissant shaped strip of chamois leather, about 20-30cm long and maybe 6-7cm wide at the middle, and tightly wrapping it around the writing implement I happen to be using at the time, I am able to create a much better gripping surface than I would an otherwise undressed object.

The benefits of this are that my stamina with regards to holding and utilising such implements is much improved, allowing me to write much longer letters, and to remain comfortable for far longer as I cross-hatch and outline my crude designs for halfbaked inventions.
-- zen_tom, Jan 17 2006

Pencil grips are a crowded marketplace
[DrCurry, Jan 17 2006]

Try this one, [tom]. http://img481.image...g481/2346/15ir1.png
The site you were linking from doesn't do image hosting well. [Worldgineer, Jan 18 2006]

wait a minute though... so is this baked?
-- daseva, Jan 17 2006

Well, I suppose so - but only by me - as far as I know.
-- zen_tom, Jan 17 2006

There is no "I" in pens.
-- normzone, Jan 17 2006

Oh, and I forgot to mention - the use of chamois allows the grip to double as an ink cleaning/blotting device too.
-- zen_tom, Jan 17 2006

Does ayone else think pencil grips and the pictures thereof in the link by [DrCurry] are obscene? Or is that just me.
-- zeno, Jan 18 2006

It's just you.
-- squeak, Jan 18 2006

zeno: I think you clicked on the erotic font link by mistake.
-- DrCurry, Jan 18 2006

I've not noticed anything particularly obscene - so it might just be you [z] Ian - I am mostly using Yard-O-Led Blue at the moment.

As for the calls of non-originality - maybe - yes there are plenty of grippy type things out there on the market, but are there any made from such a pleasing material as soft, quality chamois leather?
-- zen_tom, Jan 18 2006

[zeno] it appears to me that many of my fellow bakers have their obscenity filter setting set at the low end - try adjusting your settings and look again :-)
-- normzone, Jan 18 2006

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