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To help catch misplaced spaces

I am a bad speller. I try to use spell check when ever I can. Something I would like to see is a spell checker that also considers the next word in the sentence before giving the list of suggestions. Here is the scenario I run into all the time...I mistype something like:

Dear Madonna, Please do not taket his the wrong way, but I am already married.

I misplaced the space between 'take' and 'this'. The spell checker will flag 'taket' but it will not flag 'his' as being wrong. Since the pop-up window does not give me the option to manually correct any word other than the one in question, I have to shut down the checker and make the correction and restart the checking.

I would like to have th option in the resulting pop-up to include, with a click of a button, the next or previous word and re-offer the correction list. Thus including two words and at least allowing me to move the space without having to stop the checker.
-- blahginger, Mar 24 2001

Shouldn't be too difficult, and it sounds like it'd be a useful addition. Just have two or three words ahead and behind the offending word when the window appears...
-- StarChaser, Mar 24 2001

I couldd definatel yuse thiss pellcheck. I fin dmyself always makin gmistakes.
-- Jono, Feb 16 2004

My version of Word underlines "his" in the above example as a grammatical error, so I would be inclined to fix this, too.
-- Cedar Park, Feb 17 2004

Excellents ugestion. Or is it an excellen tidea? Of course, the really embarassing goofs are still going to get through because they'll make too much sense.
-- supercat, Feb 17 2004

MS Word has had something a bit like this for a while. The spellchecker displays the text around an offending word (about a sentence worth on either side), and you have the option either to change the word, or to edit the text in the box manually.

Reminds me, by the way, of a friend of mine who, thanks to spellcheck, used the word "doeskin" a dozen times in one paper when he meant "during..."
-- TerranFury, Feb 17 2004

Il ov eit. bigp uffy pastr yfory ou.
-- Freefall, Feb 17 2004

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