Product: Air Freshener
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A rose by any other name...

Everyone has seen the various air freshening products available. Whether their spray, stick-up or plug-in, they all have one thing missing: visual effect.

How about a series of air fresheners that look like what they smell like? 'Apple pie' aroma looks like an apple pie. 'Rose' comes in the form of a dozen roses you can place in a vase. Fresh baked cookies, bread (or croissants), spiced apples, etc.

Not sure about pine...
-- phoenix, Nov 20 2001

A plane, just stopped mid cut, with pine flavoured shavings next to it.
-- arora, Nov 20 2001

Nice image, arora
-- bristolz, Nov 20 2001

Indeed. Thank you [arora].
-- phoenix, Nov 21 2001

It's a pleasure....

I might be stuggling at a "yin" flavour though
-- arora, Nov 21 2001

Don't know what yin smells like (or tastes like, since you keep using 'favour'). Probably the opposite of yang.
-- phoenix, Nov 21 2001

I'm sure I put flavour! sorry, got carried away with the apple pie and cookies. Yin: Masculine, glass of dark rum smelling or tasting harsh yet warming Yang: Sweet, unasuming raisin, buy both (buy one get 2nd half price offer) and a potpourri to end all.

Please forgive me if I have got them the wrong way round
-- arora, Nov 21 2001

You did use "flavour," but since I doubt that pine tastes very good, I'm sure that that's not what you meant :)
-- goldbb, Jun 02 2009

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