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When you've got your blinged-up BMW 3-series/ Ford Focus/ Honda Civic/ etc. with low-profile wheels, wide chromed exhaust pipe, body decals, UV lights and blacked-out windows you will of course have the standard bass-distortion-heavy, ear-liquifying stereo that is de rigeur for cars of this fashion.

However, on those days when you don't want to listen to bass beats loud enough to blur your vision - perhaps you're feeling a little delicate, perhaps you just want some Mozart quartets, or a little Andy Williams - this idea will come to your rescue. It allows you to listen to whatever you want inside the car, whilst playing repetitive bass beats outside the car, with specially added distortion to give the impression of extreme loudness.
-- hippo, Jun 18 2008

I like it - I was behind one of these things the other day, his (I assume 'he' because I've never yet seen a woman driving along with whale deafening deep-sonar level vibrations emanating from their car) rear numberplate was shaking so much, it looked as though it was about to fall off.
-- zen_tom, Jun 18 2008

You'd still have to turn Mozart up to ear-bleeding levels in order to drown out the four-on-the-floor outside. Maybe the boom-bap could be synchronised to the internal music to minimise the intrusion? Just don't listen to Strauss unless you want the local kids to think you like Techno-waltz.
-- wagster, Jun 18 2008

I once had a rather flimsy Ford Fiesta, and considered fitting voice coils to the body panels to boost bass [+]
-- coprocephalous, Jun 18 2008

Ah, no [wagster] - the external music would be distorted to sound like the music leaking from a very loud stereo inside a well-soundproofed car. I know this wouldn't do the job of deafening everyone in the vicinity, but it would give the right impression while allowing you to enjoy your Mozart or Andy Williams.
-- hippo, Jun 18 2008

Or you could just turn up good music with bass? Not e v e r y o n e with a 'system' has bad tastes in music, don't ya know. I crank jazz, classical, and old rock music, along with primus on my system. (1600W 12in x 2)

Still, bun [+]
-- evilpenguin, Jun 18 2008

//Not e v e r y o n e with a 'system' has bad tastes in music, don't ya know.//

I don't give a flying fuck what you want to listen to. I am therefore amazed that people with 'systems' seem to think I want to hear it.

People with 'systems' are simply people who never got out of the look-at-me stage that most people grow out of around four years old. They ruin other people's quality of life with that distorted crap, they know it, and they take pleasure in it.

There's really no reason for these things; most of these crap boxes have sufficient decibels to cause permanent hearing loss, even in small doses. And guess who pays for the hearing aids when these guys can't hear or get a job by the age of 30 - the taxpayers.

The noise ordinances are enforced around here. People's attorneys threw up all kinds of stupid arguments, but they have not for the most part been able to get out of the $175.00 fine. There should be more cops with decibel counters.
-- nomocrow, Jun 18 2008

Thats a bunch of crow.

You're assuming; you don't need to crank the sub in said 'system' to loud annoying levels. In my case, I drive a jeep that has sooo much road noise I can't enjoy music. Just because I want to hear bass guitar (that won't be reproduced on 5.25 speakers) doesn't mean I'm not considerate.

//There's really no reason for these things// What? Subwoofers?, or just subwoofers in a car?
-- evilpenguin, Jun 18 2008

//whale deafening //ahem, whoomp, whoomp.
-- po, Jun 18 2008

//my case, I drive a jeep that has sooo much road noise I can't enjoy music.//

While I can symphathize with your plight, Jeep is not the typical vehicle used by bass-pumping "system" users.

In most cases, complaints about "road noise" could be more efficiently addressed by replacing, or properly maintaining the original vehicle. I know for a fact that a properly maintained Honda Civic does not have the kind of road noises to warrant a 120+ Decibel sound system... and on any Jeep moer than three years old, even 240+ Decibels isn't going to be much help.
-- ye_river_xiv, Jun 18 2008 car_20audio_20system/

Kinda similar and you'd get the chicken noises option as well
-- random_patenter_syndrome_victim, Nov 29 2009

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